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  1. Osiris

    Air fuel mixture screw issues.

    I ordered replacement screw due to a stripped screw right rear carb. The carb was a bit rich and I could not adjust screw. When taking the old screw out it was very very tight. I see why it was stripped in the 1st place. When I look inside the carb I see no obstruction, but the the screw will...
  2. R

    Failed idle mixture screw?

    Hello. I am new at this forum and I am from Norway driving a 2002 Vmax PC. I have a small problems and I can´t get any further adjusting the carbs before problem is solved. 3 of the idle mixture screws seem to function as designed. As I turn them in one at a time the idle get bad. So I turn...
  3. T

    Mixture screw adjustment w/vacuum gauge??

    Anyone here recommend or set their idle mixture screw while the vacuum gauge is hooked up, looking for peak rpm? I have tried adjusting it listening for stumble and then out for peak RPM, but I think my hearing is shot from being around turbine engines my whole life. I can't hear that...
  4. T

    Stripped air mixture screw

    Can someone direct me to options to remove a stripped air mixture screw? I was given a set of carbs and I'm unable to remove one of the air mixture screws. Someone prior really smoothed the head, nothing there to bite into. Thanks. Tom
  5. blaxmax

    How to set your a/f mixture screws manually

    'They should be set as lean as possible . Set up your carbs...then take a ride and adjust one carb at a time. With the engine at operating temperature start with one carb and turn in the mixture screw a very very small amount at a time ....turn it in a hair..then ride it . Turn it in some more...
  6. maleko89

    Mixture screw o-ring info

    The o-rings can be had here for $.50 a piece. http://newmotorcycleparts.net/fuel_system_parts/special_fuel_o-rings.html#Various_O-Rings_Specific_to_Mikuni_Carbs They are part OR-4632. O-ring dimensions are 2.65mm x 1.15mm. I had to go back 10+ years for this information....pre vmaxforum.net...
  7. 44 magnum

    Mixture screw

    Hi all, Sean's in the process of looking to see what he has, but does anyone near central Indiana have a mixture screw they could part with? I'm willing to drive a bit if so. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer. All the best- Devin
  8. cuathetop

    idle mixture screws

    Finaly thought i dialed in my carbs with carb sync tool and now i cant get my idle down under 1100 rpms. My thumbscrew only will raise it ...i even went all in on my mixture screws to see if that would help and nothing. backed them out 4 turns , stopped there cause i dont want them to vibrate...
  9. T

    Is there a break-in period for plugs when checking your mixture screws

    Question about Spark plugs color and mixture screws I put new spark plugs in and rode down the road in 4 th gear about 5,000 rpm for a few miles pulled the clutch , flipped the kill switch and rolled to a stop. I was looking for the golden brown look after seeing the spark plug chart and they...
  10. J

    Mixture is wrong

    Ok, so my wonderful 1985 vmax that was running ok when the carbs were totally out of sync, now that the carbs are synced is running like crap. When I checked the mixture screws they are all 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 turns out. The bike came with VooDoo 4 into 2's installed, and my guess is they just...
  11. ramingspeed

    idle mixture screw orings

    After wiping the floor around the bike with a wet paper towel.I've given up on finding the oring that flew the coop while shotgunning the carbs.Where can I get these and the washers also.
  12. S

    WTF ??? I have no pilot mixture screw....

    I thought I was going crazy...couldn't find the screw...so I checked Naughty G's strip down pdf...there it was...where it should be...so I relooked at my carbies......just a solid brass slug.....??????????
  13. V

    fuel mixture screws

    Two fuel mixer screw are stuck in the front carburetors on my Max and they are damage. Is there any possibility to fix this problem? Drill 2 little holes in the pilot screw and try a bigger screwdriver but nothing works. I thing somebody put lock-tide on it. Did try WD-40. Heated the carb...
  14. I

    Carb 3 & 4 mixture screws do nothing

    So I rebuilt my carbs a couple of weeks ago. Tanked them, sprayed carb cleaner through everything etc. Also replaced all gaskets, o-rings, etc. I did notice that there were aftermarket needle valves in the carbs so I went ahead and put it back together, adjusted the mixture screws to 2.5...
  15. J

    Rubber plugs for pilot mixture screw

    Do anyone know where from I can purchase rubber plugs for pilot mixture screw holes? Or do anyone know if iI can use some other manufacturers rubber plugs
  16. C

    Idle Mixture Screw Stuck

    Hi all, started doing the "shotgun" and got to my final carb and the idle mixture screw stuck. It will not turn and I started to bugger the head. It's not totally effed, but with the soft metal I stopped. Has anyone had this trouble before? What to do to solve it? And finally, where can I get...
  17. A

    air/fule mixture leak

    Hello guys, It's hard for me to properly describe the issue but i'll try: when the engine is cold and i'm starting it - while warming it with but also without using the choke i'm getting some kind of "back-back-fires" an air/fuel mixture trying to explode out from the carbs up threw the...
  18. ninjaneer

    Unresponsive A/F mixture adjustments

    I thought I read once a post or a thread, but I can't, for the life of me, find it. I know if you tighten the mixture screws down until lightly sitted, the bike should start stumbling. What would it mean if none of my mixture screws have this effect and how do you fix it?
  19. D

    idle mixture screws

    Hello, Does anybody know how to set the idle mixture screws? I did the "shotgun," and synchronized the carbs with the carbtune, but I'm not 100% sure I got the mixture screws back to where they were originally. I'm also, not sure they were set right to begin with. I put in "sea foam,"...
  20. firefly

    Need A/F mixture O-rings

    I need 4 or 6 A/F mixture screws O-rings. Thanks