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  1. V

    1997 vmax whining clutch? noise

    Hello, I am new to the forum. Recently i bought a 1997 vmax with 26miles. I love the bike. When i bought the bike the clutch was slipping and the clutch was making a whining noise. I tought with replacing all the clutch plates the noise would stop. After installing the clutch plates and...
  2. B

    Starter noise 2000 vmax

    Rode today and every time I started it I heard a clunking sound. If it was a car I would say the starter solenoid was not fully engaging with the flywheel and is going out. Looked around on the forum and it looks like I have to pull the side covers off and inspect the starter clutch. Does it...
  3. Y

    Chirping/ Squeeking noise At 3k rpm?

    Been riding around and found a slight but really annoying squeeking noise riding at 3000 rpm. Doesn't matter what gear. Anyone have this? Thanks!
  4. N

    Rattle noise on idle

    Hi guys, when bike is cold or bit warm I can hear rattling noise on idle when clutch lever is not pulled in. When I pull clutch lever, noise goes off. Changed oil just to be sure but noise is still there. It happens on Vmax 1200 1996. Any reason to be concerned?
  5. L

    bad noises from crank case

    2000, stock, 35k miles, So here's what happened..... bike ran fine Friday on the way to work. About 2 miles from work it sounded like I had an exhaust heat shield vibrating some where near the front of the engine. By the time I got to work it was definitely not a loose exhaust noise. It sounds...
  6. M


    Hello all, after some advice, gave my max a blast on the way to work today and as i shut off the throttle from a high rpm 4th gear run, the engine made a massive bang and started to shudder making loud whirring sounds, but kept running. I idled into work . Started it up at lunch no problems or...
  7. ga_max

    New Noise from my Max

    The last few time I've ridden my Max I noticed a new noise and I have to idea what it could be. I wear hearing aids so I make a recording with my phone (in my pocket) as I rode. From a stop I accelerate to about 65 and hold it there. The noise starts out low in pitch the gets higher with speed...
  8. O

    rumbling noise

    Hi, I've got a fairly low mileage '98 model, finally got it running smooth after loads of carb problems. Anyway new problem is a rattle/rumble noise. I've worked out that in neutral with clutch lever pulled in it sounds fine. when I let out clutch there's quite an obvious rattling, gets worse...
  9. gleno

    Engine Noise

    I have looked through the forum and found it difficult to search and consolidate the postings on 'Engine Noise'. Maybe this should have its own thread? Anyway, my 1988 V-max has 129,000kms on it and has been running like a clock until this weekend. Went away this weekend and when the bike was...
  10. N

    Strange noise in low rpm

    Strange noise in low rpm (solved) Hi guys, since today my vmax 1200 '97 speaks some strange noise on low rpm (900-1100). First squeaking noise comes out between front and right cylinders under the carbs.When I add some throttle noise goes away. Similar kind of noise also on low rpm comes...
  11. jdeitz1979

    Water pump noise

    I have some noise coming from my water pump by the sounds of it. I put and auto scope on it and many other areas of the engine and seems very prominent in the pump area. I wanted to know before I pull it off the bike and start digging if any of the fellow forum vmax owners have encountered or...
  12. cuathetop

    Clutch noise?

    Hopefully someone can help me here. I have a strange noise at engine idle that sounds like a squeal near the bottom of motor. It sounds like squeak or squeal like sound and when i engage the clutch it goes away. If i rev the motor it doesnt increase with rpms. Has me baffled. Any help diagnosing...
  13. L

    Strange noise at specific RPM

    I have a noise I believe is coming from the carb/air filter area but only at around 1500 rpm. For lack of a better way to describe it, it sounds like a large solenoid clacking away. I know there is a servo for the VBoost and mine seems to cycle fine on start up but is there a solenoid or...
  14. K

    New noise

    I have a rattling/grinding sound that I think is coming from the rear drive shaft. With the bike not running and in neutral, I hear a rattling/grind noise when I push the bike forward. But not when I push it backward. I cant identify anything externally that would cause the sound and I cant...
  15. J

    Noise on deceleration

    1992 Vmax, 43000 miles. Noise and slight vibration on deceleration. No noise on acceleration. No noise when clutch is pulled and gliding, only on engine braking. Changed shaft oil, no change. Change engine oil, have not been able to take it out yet. So, will update when I do. Thoughts...
  16. scuff

    What is this noise? Just replaced the clutch and put new Shinko's on so it's gripping pretty hard, I do a lot of Wheelie's and tried to do one burnout but couldn't it gripped too much, I know this post is related to the one V-Max Mike posted but couldn't figure out how to...
  17. T

    Starting noise

    I tried a search for this but could not find anything that sounds like my problem. My '85 while starting makes a loud bank from inside the engine (metal on metal sound). It does it just once, and I immediately let go of the starter button. When I try it again, the bike turns over normally and...
  18. Vmaxiow

    Chattering/ squeaking noise

    When going along at lower speeds, in any gear I can hear a squeaking/chattering noise doesn't increase with engine speed, does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Doesn't seem to effect performance.
  19. Conman

    Weird Carb Noise

    Hi, I noticed when I start my bike there is a spritzing noise coming from what appears to be the right-rear carb, just below the round metal disk. It became less evident as the bike warmed up but it still happened periodically, especially as I bumped the throttle. It sounds like someone is in...
  20. Pez_rz

    Noise on decelleration, should I be afraid?

    Hi, I've been searching for a 'Max of my own for a few months with little success over here in Oz. I have come across an early model ('88)that seems to be ok except for a hum/whine on deceleration. It's got about 40k on it, and could be had for a good price. The noise only occurs when engine...