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  1. Walter Walker

    aftermarket starter solenoids

    bought a used vmax last year, in barely running condition; ended up having to tow it to my house as the throttle cable snapped out of the holders. starter would barely turn, so i replaced the solenoid with a $8 Chinese piece as the oem is like $80. solenoid worked for awhile then started...
  2. R

    Looking for OEM wide wheel kit for gen2

    Looking for OEM wide wheel kit for gen2, new or used is acceptable. please let me know if you have one and willing to sell it. Thanks.
  3. R

    Looking for OEM wide wheel kit

    Hi, everyone. wondering if anyone selling OEM/Stock wide wheel? new or used is acceptable, please let me know if you have one and willing to sell it. Thanks.
  4. S

    Looking for OEM grab bar

    I'm looking for an OEM grab bar for a gen 1 vmax.
  5. Conman

    OEM Tool Kit for Sale

    OEM tool kit that I never make use of. Most of the tools are branded “Yamaha”. $45 shipped Thanks, Connor
  6. minicopilot

    11" Chrome Progressive shocks and a 2005 OEM seat.

    The progressives are in extremely good condition. My bike is kept inside of my house and never kept outside or rode in the rain. The seat is also in the same condition. I bought it for a spare and never used it. $150 shipped for the shocks. $150 shipped for the seat. Text or email for more...
  7. C

    Stock (OEM) grips

    Just checking to see if anyone might have a dusty (but in decent condition) set of the original grips thrown up on the back of the shelf they might want to sell? The price for a new set having to buy the components separately is ridiculous. Thanks, John
  8. henrysgmc

    OEM Backrest Sold

    Time to clean out the garage. Very nice condition factory backrest. $325 Shipped If interested text me at 845 283 6593
  9. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 OEM Sissybar Backrest

    OEM sissybar - needs refinishing due to oxidation $250 + shipping
  10. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 OEM side covers

    $85 shipped CONUS
  11. C

    OEM Versus Aftermarket

    I have a new to me 1986 V-Max. Bike came with aftermarket mirrors mounted but the OEM ones in a box (although badly scratched up). I bought what was described as a NOS OEM mirror (even came in an official Yamaha box). When received this "new" one I wanted to polish it and happened to...
  12. vmax2extreme

    New - oem engine guards gen1

    I have a set of NEW GEN1 OEM Chrome Engine Guards $145 shipped CONUS
  13. 2

    Yamaha OEM VMAX Windshield (lightly tinted) w/mount hardware attached

    Very nice looking lightly tinted Yamaha OEM windshield I just removed from my '92 VMax. Has nice Yamaha graphic design on front/bottom. It's in very good condition. No cracks for chips. Has a couple barely noticeable scratches, and hard to see, but they are there and just want to disclose that...
  14. 2

    OEM VMAX Backrest For Sale (Pics) - Removing from my '92 -SOLD-

    Hi. Removing my OEM backrest (sissybar) from my '92 VMax and its for sale. Here are pics of it. It is in excellent condition. $315 shipped/insured in the U.S. I accept Paypal. No trades for anything. Yes, I'm new around here, but I'm honest. PM me and let me know if you want it. Thank you.
  15. Fire-medic

    OEM toolkit

    Lookie what I found, from the looks of it, this may never have been removed from its place under the seat. What was wrapped-around it is in great shape, too.
  16. OKCVmax

    ISO oem flyscreen

    Looking for an oem flyscreen. Looked at the givi but I really want the oem for the look it has. Thanks!
  17. Hijinx1812

    Looking for OEM backrest

    I'm looking to trade/trade +cash for an oem backrest. Some of the things I have are a Gannon COP kit never installed, exactrep stainless crankcase breather with k&n filter, stock exhaust, stock air box, exactrep clear middle gear cover -w- gasket, stock seat, black/white original Dainese Tattoo...
  18. blyoth

    OEM header gaskgets -SOLD-

    I bought these new in the original Yamaha packaging but took them out of the packaging thinking I would need them when I put on my new exhaust but since my bike is low mileage I didn't need them. $30 including shipping to the lower 48 United States.
  19. A

    OEM Sissy bar -SOLD-

    I have a sissy bar and pad powder coated satin black 300.00 shipped
  20. texas-ss-tornado

    Gen2 OEM saddle bags -SOLD-

    Price is negotiable. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gen2-Vmax-Yamaha-OEM-saddle-bags-VMX1700-V-MAX-2009-2017-/262848128644?