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  1. K

    Officially a new Gen 2 owner!

    After years of waiting, I'm officially the owner of a lightly used '09 (4500 miles). My wife, Kellie, decided to get me an early Christmas present. She wanted to surprise me, but she couldn't keep it a secret. That and the fact that she didn't know which one I preferred, the 2009 or 2014...
  2. old timer

    Officially ex-VMax rider now

    Well I went and did it...sold my second VMax yesterday...:bang head::bang head:...I know I'll regret it...just like the first one...but who knows what will happen down the road...I'm stickin around here , there are some really good people here that I've had the pleasure of meeting and hope to...
  3. old timer

    Officially out of the sportbike world...

    Just sold my RC51...had to come to terms with a 61 year old body riding a young mans race bike...:wave bye: Like Marcellus Wallace said in Pulp Fiction , that's just pride fuckin with you...:hammer bash: I'll wait a little while before I tell youz guyz what I'm spending that money on...:peace...
  4. Thevmaxrider

    Well it now officially winter!!

    Winter has officially started and lo and behold I have been snowed in for 2 days. Gotta love it when old man winter decides that I need to have a couple of feet dumped on my front lawn LOL. Will have to take some pics tomorrow, whiteouts today so the pics would be boring.
  5. Jayhawk

    I have officially been a good boy...

    Just ticked over 1,000 miles...and resisted the VBoost urge until break-in was officially over. I think the guy a couple of lanes over (riding the CBR600RR) was a little surprised. He pulled up next to me at the next light...grinned and asked, "How many CCs is that?" :rocket bike: