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  1. V

    VMAX Outlaw - Bad Temp Switch

    So I have my mostly stock VMAX and I've been upgrading some things along the way. Did the crimp fix and indeed I went from 16vdc charging to 17.1 vdc charging. Phenomenal! The thing has been running hot as hell whenever I get stuck in traffic or behind damn Sunday drivers. So I ordered...
  2. R

    Anyone try the Outlaw Fan Switch?

    Instead of a manual override fan switch, they claim a different engineer sensor to cycle the fan at lower temps. Anyone try this? http://vmaxoutlaw.com/merchandise/performance.htm http://vmaxoutlaw.com/merchandise/performance.htm
  3. C

    vmax outlaw

    I was wondering what experiance people have had with Vmax Outlaw?Thanks,Chad ________ Honda CD125
  4. John R

    Outlaw Fan Switch

    I've been buying stuff for my '06. Bought the fan switch. It works like it is supposed to. My '06 had the 24mm switch which was a pain to remove and I had to get a socket. The instructions tell you to use a boxed end, which doesn't fit. I had to use a deep socket and it worked fine. Definitely...
  5. Neil-3446

    New Videos Posted - Outlaw Naitonals - Woooooow!

    Hey Gang... Fortunate enough to have one of the Nations top old time dragstrips 21.4 miles up the road :biglaugh: Outlaw National's were held there last night (08/18/07), and this is a small portion of what we saw: 9.28 Turbo Busa vs. GS 1150E Drag Bike -...
  6. M

    Vmax Outlaw Fan Switch

    Does anyone have any experience with the Vmax Outlaw fan switch. I just put one in, and it seems to come on very early (a bit over a quarter on the temp gauge).