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  1. W

    Motorycle For Sale 1997 VMax project in San Diego

    I have a '97 V Max that i rescued from a towing yard several years ago. It was on the road, but sat for two or three years under a cover until recently. I removed and cleaned the carbs, flushed the gas tank and took care of some small issues before starting it. It seems to run well, but is...
  2. D

    Parting out a 1st Gen, 89

    Well, I have come to the end of the road of trying to rebuild my Gen 1 VMAX. There was more wrong with the tranny than just the 2nd gear, and I can't justify spending all the money on the parts and time to fix it. So I am parting the bike out. The bike is completely disassembled, including the...
  3. CaptainKyle

    another project

    Well I picked up my uncle's Bultaco Matador that he had shipped back from Spain in 1973 when he was in the air force. I will have fun restoring it in honor of him.
  4. Osiris

    Winter Project nearing completion.

    I've been working on my 96 all winter. I've done most of the maintenance stuff such as changing all fluids , filters, and leaky seals and battery . I updated the shift segment. Replaced brake rotors and pads. Replaced clutch basket, plates and clutch line to SS, I rebuilt master and slave...
  5. g2501

    oil catch can project

    hi everybody, recently I was wondering if this kind of mod is useful on a Vmax, but being myself not so expert about engines I would like to know what you think about it. Premise : I tried to look around in this forum and on the web , but seems that there is only a pic of a heavy modded vmax...
  6. gismo

    winter project

    I have a 2009 vmax with around 22000 miles om it.The bike itself is in real nice condition problem is i installed a supercharger at the end of September last year and decided to do the Land speed trials in July this year to see what it would do. Well low and behold the injectors and possibly the...
  7. N

    New project

    Motor finally arrived, let the fun being:bang head:
  8. D-Max2012

    What has been your personal best upgrade / project / mod and why?

    I'm sure that different people have different things they've done to the Max, (and are still doing, for that matter :biglaugh:), but what has been your personal best upgrade /project / mod and why? For instance, In my case. My 91 was neglected, barely covered, left out in the elements...
  9. G

    Getting Ready to Sell

    It is time to sell the project / finished bike and redo it next year. I should have sold it earlier in the season but I was still too in love with it. Now my plan is to sell it and use the money to finish paying for school. So I'd like to share where I'm at right now. Photobucket destroyed so...
  10. spottedsquirl

    85 Vmax project

    I have an 85 vmax I've been working on. I ran into a problem with coolant leaking from the oil breather cover/housing between the cylinders. I know there is a at least 1 rubber seal that I'm may need to replace but is there another seal or gasket for the covwr/housing spacer to the block?
  11. spottedsquirl

    86 Vmax project

    Hey everyone! First off, I have recently acquired a running 86 Vmax. It does need some loving though. I found that the coolant tube was cracked and noticed that I can use the one off my 83 Venture. I'm curious to know what else can I use off the venture to improve or help with the max. I came...
  12. W

    1988 VMax for sale - Project Bike & parts - $1,500 OBO

    Well, its time for me to pass my Vmax on to someone else to finish. I have a complete 1988 with ~47K miles. clean title, with a lot of extra parts. Since I have had the 88' I have had it running and riding. Then I took it partially apart to paint, then the carbs gummed up, and it sat and sat. If...
  13. Conman

    3D Metal Printer Access- Project Ideas?

    Basically I've been given free and basically unlimited access to a 3D metal printer and can make whatever I want out of aluminum, as long as it's within 28x28x36cm. It's ideal for making things that can't be produced through typical machining. Any sweet I deas for what I should make? I was...
  14. W

    1988 VMax for sale - Project Bike & parts - $1,500

    Well, its time for me to pass my Vmax on to someone else to finish. I have a complete 1988 with ~47K miles. clean title, with a lot of extra parts. Since I have had the 88' I have had it running and riding. Then I took it partially apart to paint, then the carbs gummed up, and it sat and sat...
  15. Fire-medic

    lot full of project cars in Canada $1.45 million CN

    I don't think this guy is gonna get anywhere near his asking price, and the cars are all in-need of varying degrees of work, but it would be fun to see a video inventory of what he's got, I'm sure there is some worthwhile stuff in there. “I’m 60 years old and won’t live long enough to restore...
  16. effingidiot

    effings project

    My first pictures,hope they work.This bike is in a sorry state,everything is going into a new powder coated frame,here goes.
  17. effingidiot

    New project

    My new project has just arrived,it's a 1994 unregistered american import.The listing says it comes with nova paperwork,but when it arrived and i asked for the nova paperwork i was told the frame number is already registered with nova.The bike is from an import dealer,just wondering if it's right...
  18. S

    1993 Yamaha VMAX Recovery Project

    I've been messaging in a few other threads, but I thought that I would start a thread to document my attempt to get my 1993 VMAX running again after over 11 years in storage. VIN: JYA2LTN03PA004151 This is a Canadian model VMAX, covered and stored in a garage just before my son was born and he...
  19. J

    My old 90 project started

    So the guy who purchased my 90 is about to dive in head first to dragstrip duty. He put in a starter clutch and headed to the track. Baselined the bike at a somewhat disappointing 6.47 eight mile ET best (Ive ran 6.2s with it). He is going full stroked kit with a turbo. His goal is to run...
  20. Fire-medic

    man cave fabrication project

    Those of you who saw my post on getting my garage space going ( could be interested in what's next. I dropped off a bunch of raw steel w/my fabricator today, trying to get my tool finished to help me store things and to work and to...