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  1. ga_max

    Yet Another Starter Clutch Question

    About 1 1/2 years ago I replaced my starter clutch. This was the first major work I've ever done to any motorcycle I've ever owned. With the help of this forum and Yukon Dave's write-up I was able to complete the task anss was happy with the result. I did use red locktite and peened the the...
  2. S

    Throttle body sync question

    Service manual says to stand the bike on a level surface by putting on a stand to sync. Why would the bike need to be level to check this?
  3. S

    double D question

    Does it displace more brake fluid adding the second spring?
  4. S

    V&H CS 1 exhaust question

    Is this right? I cannot find any pic online showing the gasket extending past the front pipes heat shield.
  5. cwkerr007

    wheelie question

    hello im new to the forum so hello everybody my question is is it normal for a 97 to have to make it do wheelstands i had an 85 a friend let me ride years ago and i could just throttle into it and it would just pull up smoothly my 97 i have to do about 4000 and let off and throttle back into it...
  6. R

    another bolt size question

    anyone know the bolt size for the frame mounts where i attach the crash bars (lower connection)? The bottom bolt is missing on left side and can't attach the crash bar. thanks! Todd
  7. 95spfldmax

    Starter Question

    My starter motor spins but doesn't engage anything. Is this a problem on the starting motor side? Or do I need to go in to the stator cover and fix something in the starter clutch area? Had the "Bag-O-Rocks" issue a couple of seasons ago and fixed the problem with the loose starter clutch. This...
  8. 3BadBirds

    Carb Compatibility Question

    I have a 92 bike and a set of spare carbs off of an 88. I was thinking of rebuilding the spare set to reduce down time and then just swapping the fresh set on when I was done. Is it safe to assume that these two years (i.e., 88 and 92) are identical? I thought all the carbs from this...
  9. E

    R1 front forks question

    Hi all: I just bought a set of 1998 Yamaha R1 front forks and am working on installing them onto my '89 VMax. (The triple tree I had on my old set of USD forks works fine, btw.) Here's my problem: Sadly, the R1 forks do not have the speedometer sensor lock on the fork lower like the...
  10. S

    Grounding question

    Between the headlight relays, battery charger quick connects & an R1 regulator I've got 3 additional connections going directly to the battery terminal. Can any of these be ground to the frame instead of the battery? It's a bit of a pain to manage that jumble of wiring trying to get 4 eyelets...
  11. TB99Max

    brake and clutch master replacement question

    I'm looking for some options for both. I prefer the OEM looking ones and not the sport bike looking ones that have the big circle reservoir sticking up. I'm also wanting some replacement levers, the thick ones and wanted to know what kind as far as figment because there are so many universal...
  12. T

    Question regarding No Spark on Cylinder 4

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue with a no spark condition on cylinder 4 (R/F) and I am wondering if there might be something simple I am overlooking. The bike is a 1988. I suspected bad wires or a bad coil so I swapped a known good coil and wires from Cyl 1 to 4 and the problem...
  13. T

    3-5 Motorcycle Trip Question

    Ok, here is the idea.... I am planning a year ahead here. I am wanting to transport 3-5 motorcycles with motorcycle camping gear/kits to a 8-10 hour destination. (Yes I know most would ride there, but we have some old pharts in the group.) Then we would unload and do the riding/camping...
  14. S

    Wheel balance question

    Had my rear wheel off to replace the brake rotor & decided to re-balanced my rear wheel. It had 3 oz on it & I've never used that much when I do the job. Whoever did the job before didn't have the weights at the light part of the rim but it wasn't very far off, like maybe an inch & a half...
  15. N

    Fuel Pump voltage question

    Does the Fuel pump Voltage on my 1985 V-Max supposed to drop to zero after V-Boost is done cycling? What signals it back on? Mine does Also with the Fuel pump electrically connected the V-Boost cycles VERY slowly on Key on, Unplug the fuel pump and it goes normally My Max started acting...
  16. K

    A Fuel Question?

    Living in the Philippines, most of the forecourts offer a choice of either 91 regular or 95 premium. Some also have 97. All the fuel here has an additive of 10% ethanol. Unfortunately, they add a horrible red dye to the fuel which causes carb contamination problems over time. Since I have owned...
  17. D-Max2012

    Question about Coolant tube

    Hey Guys, You know that coolant tube that has the pet cock valve? It has a 90 degree angle in it, that leads to the lower thermostat housing? While trying to put my radiator back on, after installing my replacement mufflers / headers, I noticed that there is a single bolt that looks to be...
  18. effingidiot

    Side stand relay question.

    My sidestand relay is the late 90-07 relay,how can this 4 pin little black box stop my bike from sparking/running running.All there is,is a poss neg in and poss neg out.By shorting the two poss and two neg,should compleat the circuit and should be bypassed should it not.Just a thougth.Thanks.Ps...
  19. 42Below

    V boost control question

    Gidday. I got my bike a few months ago. I havent had a chance to ride it much as the forks puked oil on the way home and and since repaired Ive been busy. I was told by the seller it had the vboost set to come in at 3000rpm. This feels right as it picks up a fair bit at 3k. I looked here on...

    Wanting to lower the vmax 2" are universal 11" shocks out of the question ?

    At 5'7" Id like to lower the bike 2 or so inches. If i must buy the 280$ 11" progresive rear shocks so be it. However a search on the web found me 280mm-11" rear motorcycle shocks for 80 - 100$ a pair....asuming their for a street bike and my bolts fit thru them...Has anyone gone this route or...