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  1. watcherx305

    Taming the Beast. (Exhaust DB Help)

    I purchased my Vmax with many Morley-Mods (Stg 7 Jet, airbox mod, Oil breather etc) and one of them was a a full Voodoo 4-into-1 exhaust system and Megaphone, Sigh! End pipe is already wrapped in fiberglass and its still loud AF. Is there anything I can do to the megaphone to quiet down...
  2. Barry barker

    Mark's exhaust can be quiet, sorta.

    Since I was building a lite weight Vmax, the stock exhaust would never do, I needed that 30 pound weight loss. But I also wanted a quiet bike! (Call me old if you must, but i have always liked quiet machines) When I make a run I don't want anyone to know it was me. When discussing the...
  3. L

    May be time to quiet the bike down a bit.

    So I have a Kerker exhaust on the bike and I absolutely love it! The sound is awesome and it's loud! Problem is my dad REALLY dislikes how loud it is and some of my neighbors aren't too fond of it either. So are there any mufflers that keep that same lovely sound and just tone it down...
  4. P

    method to temporary quiet down loud exhausts?

    Hi, Does anybody on this forum have any methods to temporary silence the exhausts while doing work on the vmax? The reason i need to do this is because my neighbors kinda hate my loud exhausts, and i want to be able to sync my carbs without driving out of the hood :P Would something like...
  5. carnut108

    want to quiet it down, muffler sugestions

    I just bought a 2005 Vmax and it has custom exhaust. I do not know what type of mufflers are on it. They are can type, one on each side. The guy I bought it from wrapped them in a carbon fiber tape, so no name. he said there was no name on them before he wrapped them. They are about 10 inches...
  6. Sidecarjohn

    A Quiet Exhaust ??

    I fully appreciate this one will not sit well with some enthusiasts on the forum, but here goes. Our '07 bike was purchased with a 4 into 1 exhaust. Looks good, really sensible with the exhaust exiting on the opposite side to the sidecar mounted on the left (our choice). However, whilst the...
  7. VMax-Mike

    disc brake quiet

    Should i use disc brake quiet on dbl h pad's.
  8. HuecoDoc

    Quiet exhausts

    Does anyone know which aftermarket pipes are the most quiet? I want HP gains for drag racing with minimal noise. So I think I need to get an x-pipe equivalent but I don't want anythig that actually strives for loudness.
  9. nitrouspete

    I have UFO exh, looking for a quiet muffler

    Just a stab in the dark.. the ufo I have is great. made 129hp on dyno, just need to quiet it down , Im tired of all the complaints, Oh I should add Sean's jet kit and air box. Also ported manafolds, Dyna module. So anyone hnow of a muffler that will fit my ufo ?? peace .... nitro...
  10. Heretic

    Please help me quiet my Kerker!!

    I am looking to quiet down my 4-1 Kerker with 2.5 inch baffle and cap. I actually bought a 2 inch cap online (just the cap) thinking that I could put it on for street and wife-on-back duty, and switch back to the 2.5 cap for track and dyno use, but the place came back and said it was...