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  1. S

    Rider peg relocation question I tried rear sets but no go with my super low seat height. So I mocked up moving the stock units forwards 2-3". This mod woyld also maintain tje 'stock' appearance that should help keep the cops of my ass.... Trouble is I have the engine out.. So, my question is...ignoring the brake...
  2. Biker Dash

    Front Turn Signal Relocation.

    I am gonna need to relocate my front turn signals. The Malibu windshield will not fit with the stock signals. I need ideas. What I initially wished to do was to make up some flush mounted signals, but that is kinda falling through. Need ideas. Those of you who have relocated your front...
  3. B

    rear signal relocation

    I believe I recall seeing some people relocated their signals to their licence plate via a saddlemen relocation bracket. Can't find the thread via search now. Anyways, did you have to lengthen the stock wiring? How did you route the wiring for a clean look? Thanks in advance. Time to start some...
  4. Miles Long

    Driver footpeg relocation

    Howdy folks- I just finished reading the six pages of inquiries, complaints, suggestions, links, etc., of the 2007 thread by Quartermaster, regarding forward controls. All very interesting, and sooo much that I could identify with, on a personal level. First of all, I'm 5'7", and my legs...
  5. C

    *NEW* Passenger Footrest Relocation Brackets ? Exactrep 2012

    Satin black powder coated cast Aluminium brackets, (reuse original footrests). This is the position where the passenger footrests should have been originally placed (instead of being in the impossible foetal position), simple swap fitment with the original plastic covers, new screws supplied...
  6. Z

    rear turn signal relocation kit

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a new set of saddlebags... however, for most all bags it seems you have to relocate the rear turn signals. Do they make a kit for this? I have searched all over but can't seem to find any. Also, if someone actually have found a set of soft bags without having...
  7. V

    Gear shift, rear brake and pegs moved forward?

    Are there any kits out there that will move the gear shift, rear brake lever and begs forward. When I am sitting on my 'Max the pegs hit me right at the bottom of my shins and it feels very uncomfortable. I noticed that on the front lower frame tubes there is a spot that looks ideal for this...
  8. kevman

    Coolant tank relocation

    As part of my quest to turn my bike into EFI and to mount the TBI,one of my ideas was/is to use the rear of the airbox to mount the TBI.So the question is has anyone moved/swapped /replaced their coolant bottle somewhere else?Does the bottle have to be above the radiator cap?Is it possible to...
  9. Rusty McNeil

    Tail lite relocation

  10. G Man

    Signal Relocation

    Speaking of signal lights... anyone re-locate the front turn signals? I have fitted a new windshield to my Max which fits very nicely after removing the front turn signals. I now need to fashion up a new mount of some kind. I've looked for fork tube clamps, but haven't found any in any of the...