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  1. T

    seeking 2nd Gen VMAX 1700 side covers

    Greetings folks, My bike fell on it's right side and damaged the side cover. I have been searching the threads here to find one to no avail. I'd rather not buy new if I can recycle. I'd also like to support a custom tinkerer rather than buy new as well. Do you or someone you know have spare...
  2. 2fear

    Stopping in to say hi from the west side!

    Hope everyone is doing well and had a great riding season. Miss my Vmax peeps for sure, a lot of good times and memories.
  3. TB99Max

    85 stamped side covers

    They are in good condition! $100 shipped
  4. CaptainKyle

    85 side covers

    85 side covers look really nice but not perfect. $ 125 plus shipping. Please email not pm [email protected]
  5. liptoss

    'Cause we're movin' on up to the east side...

    Well, it's been a freakishly busy week. I sold my 34 year old 1984 XJ750RL I've had since new, and bought mint 06 Street Bob. XJ had 78000 KMs all original with exception of WOLF 4-1. FXDBi has 62,000 KMs and... many upgrades including: Braided stainless lines Screaming' Eagle fork brace...
  6. D

    Gen2 side carrier rack

    Looking for side pannier carrier rack For Gen 2 to protect the rear body work
  7. Vrooom

    License Side Plate bracket

    Dimensions ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. M

    SIDE COVERS material

    Hello, As my 1st post, I say HELLO to all of you. I do not own an V MAX (I own a Raider), but I try to help my friend, V MAX 1700 owner. I want to powder coat the side covers, but I don't know which material are the side covers made from ? You can powder coat only metal parts, at least...
  9. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 OEM side covers

    $85 shipped CONUS
  10. CaptainKyle

    side covers

    Please email instead of pm [email protected] Side covers need a good cleaning & polishing no dents etc $ 40 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  11. K

    Looking for scoop grill insert for gen 1 right side

  12. effingidiot

    Side stand relay question.

    My sidestand relay is the late 90-07 relay,how can this 4 pin little black box stop my bike from sparking/running running.All there is,is a poss neg in and poss neg out.By shorting the two poss and two neg,should compleat the circuit and should be bypassed should it not.Just a thougth.Thanks.Ps...
  13. effingidiot

    Side stand relays kaput.

    My side stand relay is knackered,what wires do i short to bypass it.I don't want to blow anything by messing about.Cheers.
  14. henrysgmc

    Side Covers

    A set of side covers in good condition. Price is $85.00 shipped. Text me if interested 845-283-6593
  15. Eugene Brad

    Chrome carb side covers

    Hey, anyone got two of the intake valve covers (chrome carb covers)like new? I found OEM for my 05 for $120. Thought would check. Brad
  16. N

    06 max left side header pipe

    Hello everyone, Bought my first Vmax last night. Did a cannonball run with my oldest boy and a buddy. A little over 10 hours round trip arriving home at 0400hrs and I am the owner of her. I need a left side header pipe. Looks like the one on it got partially smashed loading it by previous...
  17. CaptainKyle

    chrome scoops and 85 side covers

    Fresh chromed scoops and 1985 side covers have not been on a bike since being done. $ 400 firm plus paypal fees and shipping for the scoops and $ 300 plus paypal and shipping for the side covers.
  18. Bill Seward

    The Dark Side..

    My brother sent me his gently used iPad as a retirement gift. This is my first Apple product, and I am blown away by it's quality! Simply, WOW, this thing is cool!:punk:
  19. J

    Radiator side cover

    Hello, I have an '06 vmax that's missing one of the brushed aluminum plates that goes right beneath the reflector. Does anybody know where I can get one at? Here's a few pictures of what I'm talking about. Thanks, James. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  20. Jpick77

    Backfire and popping out of right side exhaust

    Ok guys. I performed a little maintenance on the max and installed new plugs, COPS, and a shotgun procedure. My max ran fine before the work. After initial startup idle was fine. All was good until the ride to work. After about 2 miles the popping began. Nursed it home after work "discouraged."...