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  1. Semi239

    Parts Wanted ISO: OTEC Rearsets for Gen1

    Hello All, Im searching for a set of rearsets for my Gen1 VMAX. I like the look of the OTEC ones for sale on Exactrep but Im not dead set on those. Let me know what yall have for sale!
  2. CaptainKyle

    Sportmax seat -SOLD-

    Sportmax seat with a non cracked center section which seems to be hard to find now days. The seat has some wear under the front edges you can see one small spot on the left side when its mounted the rest can not be seen. $ 150 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  3. Hijinx1812

    Brand new sportmax frame braces -SOLD-

    I've got a set of brand new, never installed sportmax frame braces for sale. I bought them last fall and decided to go a different route. These are weld on top, bolt on bottom, silver powder coated. The design makes them ultra stiff and the braces can be removed to service your motor. Visit the...
  4. CaptainKyle

    1989 & Sportmax seat

    Complete 1989 for parts the CDI has been sold. Also Sportmax double stuff seat the center section has the typical crack on the bottom seat looks good besides one little tiny spot that I could not even get to come out in the picture besides that looks good no core no waiting $ 150 plus shipping &...
  5. CustomMax

    Dunlop sportmax front tire

    Over this winter I'm gonna need to put new tires on my bike. Now I did find a new Dunlop 250/40R/18 for the rear from RockyMountain motorsports for $175.99 w/ free shipping but my front is a 120/70R/19 and they don't show that size on their website. Anyone know where to find that size Dunlop...
  6. Blurr

    Blue Ridge Mountain Sportmax

    Anyone know if they are down for the count? I've been trying to view the webpage for a few days now but get nothing.

    New to me sportmax seat

    Ok, so I decided I should obtain a cut down seat, and was going to wait until winter to have Sean do mine, but a deal came along I could not pass up. I ended up buying Dannymax's sportmax seat off of his 99, since he installed a Maxgasser on it. Haven't put that many miles on it yet, but I must...
  8. yukonerdave

    Sportmax exhaust = HMF 2D9S???

    Blue Ridge Mtn. Sportmax offers an exhaust system on their site which, they claim, is "made for Sportmax by HMF". It also labels them as "2D9S 4-2". Anyone know if these are just identical with HMF 2D9S pipes? I thought that HMF wasn't making them anymore; or at least that they were otherwise...
  9. clintard

    Starfighter VS sportmax?

    What would you choose and why? The sportmax looks better imo. Hate to buy from cornell. Is the build quality of the sportmax seat better than the ufo?
  10. one2dmax

    Check This Out!!! Bent Sportmax Shaft

    Well, I guess if anyone could do it, it would be me! After Two-Face's maiden Voyage I was getting some nasty vibration and sounds. Took the shaft out this evening (knew it was rubbing a bit on the swingarm) and this piece of junk is what we pulled out! Sean Morley
  11. markmax

    corbin vs sportmax seat

    I am planning on getting a new seat for my max. But I don't know any thing about the sportmax seat. I read what they have to say about them on their sight. I was wondering which one people like better, and was wondering about the 2-3 inche lower ride of the sportmax seat. Does this make that...