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  1. Traumahawk

    Stuck fork

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  2. V

    What's the best rain tire for stick rims on a Vmax?

    I am not a "fair weather rider. Rain or shine I'm going to ride. Usually if I know I am going to be rained on I will take my Bandit that has PR3's on it, but it is currently going threw some upgrades that are taken a little longer than anticipated. Currently my max has an Avon road rider on the...
  3. Buster Hymen

    Holy Crap! Can't get a Carb stick

    I don't know what's going on up here, but I can't get a Carb Stick or anything similar for sycronizing the carbs. I put an order in a local shop 10 days ago who said it would be in today, but now that has changed to July 14! Most other shops are saying August! WTF!!!:hammer bash::angry...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    Now this is a freakin' Pogo Stick!!!! To bad I'm in my 40's, I'd kill myself on this thing!