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  1. B

    New tail piece needed

    Looking for a tail piece similar to extrap short tail rear end .but wider I'm running 200 back wheel and need to carry her indoors on original pilion seat. Anybody with pictures and a nudge in the right direction thank guys
  2. g2501

    aftermarket lift handle for custom tail

    hello guys, just yesterday I was installing the new mv agusta tail on my vmax , I had some issues with the turning lights ( ended up in purchasing a new smaller set to fit the small holes ) but now I'm in trouble with a big issue : the lifting handle.... I'm a small old guy and for sure I do...
  3. P

    CBR tail light and inner fender.

    Went a different direction. Light is brand new and inner fender is already cut (so you don’t have to cut your original). $65 shipped to cont us.
  4. Regular Guy

    Tail light flickering

    Ok guys, fix one issue and another pops up. Maybe this one is no big deal but I noticed that my tail light flickers when I start the bike and grows brighter as I rev it up. It's a new LED tail light if that helps the diagnosis. I never noticed it before but I have the bike parked next to a wall...
  5. effingidiot

    CBR tail light

    Thinking of doing a rear light upgrade,is this the one i want.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182535253714?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. T

    1999 Tail Light Lens

    Does anybody have a stock tail light lens they want to part with? My '99 lens lost one of those square reflectors that was glued into the left side. I guess those aren't a separate part normally... so if anyone upgraded to a clear tail lamp and doesn't need the stock red lens, please let me...
  7. vmaxed1989

    Led stop and tail light

    Taken seat reflector off my max and put in a led stop/tail and virtually plug and play Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A

    Adding a pig tail for battery charger

    How hard is it to install a lead from battery to hook up a charger.
  9. Foxviewnet

    Tail of the Dragon

    Just enjoying great weather and riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains this week with my better half. She suggested we head over to Deals Gap and ride the Tail of the Dragon. What a blast! The Vmax performed great riding 2 up and we ran it twice. Must have been hundreds of riders throughout the...
  10. mundmc

    CBR tail light, LED's, diodes, oh my

    Sorry in advance if this should be in the electrical sub-forum. After reading many, many posts about LED turn indicators and tail light mods, I noticed a lack of electrical work in installing, say, a CBR or cat eye tail light. I suppose my question is this: (prelude) I want to have an...
  11. R

    Tail light mod

    Here's a tail light mod that was so easy a caveman could do it. Did not have to cut any thing off the bike so I can put the old lovely tail light back on. Found the led cateye on Ebay for $10 took some 1/16 sheet aluminum to make the bracket bolted it all up then just moved the license plate...
  12. Shredder

    Bye bye tail light

    Another cbr tail light gone. Just a head up if you ride 2 up and live in an area with alot of pot holes like michigan, this prolly isnt the best mod for you lol Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  13. Shredder

    Cbr tail light fail

    Installed a cbr tail light on my bike. It was awesome. You could see it well and loved the integrated signals. Well me and my gf left the house to meet up with her parents to ride to a bar in northern michigan to grab a burger and a beer. On the way to meet them we hit a big pot hole. Got to...
  14. BorgBiker

    New LED Tail Light - Issue

    A while ago I bought the reflector replacing LED Tail/Brake Light from Sean Morley, and I finally decided to put it in. I connected it before installing it, and both the running light and brake light worked as expected. After mounting it, I reconnected it and only the tail light worked, no...
  15. Sweatysac

    Easy Rear tail light and licence plate mod

    Here is a little mod that I find beautiful, costs only 30$ and takes 30 minutes to do!
  16. Diablo

    Tail light change

    Quick edit, I just noticed there is a user mods section, this might have been better in that thread rather than here as in fabrication terms it was a simple task in reality. Still, its done and posted here now. I Hated the original tail light with a vengeance. One of the first changes to the...
  17. Rollie

    Tail Of The Dragon September 17th-20th

    Anybody on the forum planning to ride the Dragon next week ? :punk:
  18. T

    rear tail light stays on?

    I'm having a problem with my rear tail light on my 85' max. Light stays on even with key out with the ignition in the off position? Removed the seat and I unplugged a one wire(red) connection that lead to the two terminal coil looking thing right on the top. Rear light turned off but now I have...
  19. Johnc1go

    Best integrated tail light, opinions welcome.

    I'm looking at the integrated rear tail light and fender eliminator kit currently being offered by PlanetVmax (UFO), does anyone have any opinions as to what they think might be better or worse?
  20. vmax1968

    Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

    Hello, just finished installing the Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag and I love how it looks! I did not like using the straps outside the bike so I remove them from the protective sleeves and attached them under the seat using ties underneath the seat metal frame, Much better look and I can still...