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  1. S

    Throttle body sync question

    Service manual says to stand the bike on a level surface by putting on a stand to sync. Why would the bike need to be level to check this?
  2. S

    Check your throttle body vacuum plugs

    I've had the constant stumbling/surging at cruise since I bought the bike. Found this this morning.
  3. lawman504

    Fazer FZX 700 throttle cable problem

    Hey guys, I know this is not a Vmax question but don't know where to turn for help. Awhile back I started my Fazer and the throttle was stuck wide open. After a closer look the outer part of the cable slipped out of its resting place that looks like a little barrel on the carb side that is...
  4. spottedsquirl

    Sticking throttle

    Hi everyone! I just overhauled my carbs. Everything was moving freely as it should. The throttle cables move with ease. Now with everything installed the throttle sticks open and won't close without manual assistance. There is a squeaking noise coming from the cable side of the carbs. Could...
  5. spottedsquirl

    Throttle plate screws

    I have an 85 Max that needs a set of throttle plate screws for all carbs. Anyone know where I can get em? Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  6. A

    Reviving the 88. Throttle response issues.

    So to start this bike has been sitting for awhile. The tank was full of rust and sediment. I removed the tank and got every last bit out using a combination of muriatic acid and electrolysis. Looks brand new now. I replaced the fuel lines and drain the fuel bowls and flushed with seafoam...
  7. liptoss

    Full Throttle Remastered

    I don't know about you guys, but back in the day when I "kinda" gave a crap about stuff like this... it was the bomb. Loads of laughs. It's being remastered and will be available April sometime in the next week or so.
  8. Falaholic

    Throttle cable snapped - anyone got a write up

    Luckly wasn't too far from home; choked it back. Anyone got a write up on replacing the throttle cable? What particular part do I need? Any other maintenance I should do while I'm in there?
  9. Falaholic

    Binding in the throttle, what to look for?

    Noticed the other day that I developed play in my throttle; 1/4 turn before any engagement. Yesterday I pegged the throttle and it tightened up. So much so, that now sticks. What I also noticed now is that I do not believe that my throttle is opening up all the way. What should I look for to...
  10. N

    Throttle Cable

    OK, so I had my Carbs rebuilt by dannymax, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where to install the throttle return cable. It has 2 little cylinders and I only see a place for one. By cylinder I am referring to the part that holds the cable in place. So that's how I installed it. Now...
  11. CaptainKyle

    Brake lines & throttle & clutch cables

    I have these brake lines for sale. I also have tons of braided throttle & clutch & brake cables to many to list . No Vmax one's though. 1. 99 - 02 Yamaha R6 rear 2. 2006 ZX 14 front 3. 2008 B King Front , Clutch & Rear 4. 2006 GSXR 600 - 750 Rear 5. 2007 CBR 1000 Rear 6. 2007 GSXR 1000...
  12. B

    Half throttle chopping

    Hello everyone Im new to the forum and Ive only had my vmax about a month now. When I bought it I noticed it didnt quite run right past half throttle but I figured I could work it out. It runs perfect up to about half throttle but if I give it more than that it starts cutting up in any gear at...
  13. J

    Throttle cable identification

    which one is circled in red.... I think its Cable, Throttle 1, 1FK-26311-01-00
  14. caseyjones955

    Omni-Cruise throttle lock review.

    I like the Throttlemeister bar ends but the obvious disadvantage is not being able to move it from one bike to another, and honestly cost. The Breakaway, also pretty sweet looking but there is no chance of me paying $150+ for a throttle locking device. Not happening. I landed on a Go Cruise 2...
  15. D

    removing throttle cables

    Ok is there a trick to remove throttle cables to remove carbs from bike? thanks
  16. D

    Black Kuryakyn Iso-Grips w/ throttle boss

    Like the title says. I put on my oxford heated grips so my Black Iso-grips are for sale. New with the throttle boss, I think they're about $90 total. $50 shipped CONUS and they're yours.
  17. M

    Longer throttle cables

    I'm considering putting Triumph T120 US bars on my '98 Max, but think the throttle cables might be the limiting factor. Then it occurred to me that 1200 Venture cables must be longer than the standard Max ones. Does anyone now how much longer they are? Thanks
  18. caseyjones955

    Off idle throttle response on/off

    I have searched a bit and found nothing on this. I noticed the throttle difficult to modulate just off idle, leaving an intersection while turning was a very delicate balance of the clutch and throttle. On my driveway (3 miles of washed out dirt) every little bump caused little throttle blip...
  19. A

    need help carbs bike wont run without choke dies with throttle

    So I just got my 85 vmax and I took apart the carbs and cleaned them, and that finally got the bike to run but only with the choke. So I was searching around for solutions and found the shotgun method so I tried that out, it kind of worked and by that I mean it runs only sometimes without the...
  20. P

    Throttle cable stuck

    Hello all, Removed the carbs last fall but only disconnected #4 from the gang. Replaced them this week and it runs fine but the throttle will not return to "closed' by itself, I have to roll it forward. I thought that the cable routing was incorrect and bound up but cannot find any photos. Do...