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  1. Fire-medic

    tornado in south FL

    I just got to work this morning, and was sitting in an office when there was a loud continuous noise, the lights and computers went out, and we were wondering, "what's happened," when a co-worker's severe weather alert sounded on her phone. We heard a commotion in the hall, and someone was...
  2. one2dmax

    Tornado Season

    Well, first tornado's of the season have made it through. This last set came through about 6 miles from the house/shop. BUT, it hit my day job. Looks like my desk might not be there or maybe crushed. Won't know until they let us back in the building. They have given all of our plant a couple...
  3. dannymax

    Tornado hits Springfield Mass.!

    Damn, just saw a news report of a tornado touching down in Springfield, Mass. Several injuries reported but no fatalities, so far. Big mother....10 miles high! Hope 95Spfldmax (Mike) and family are OK!
  4. maleko89

    Tornado action

    Well, here's what I've been up to. Two tornados hit Omaha last week. They merged over my house and continued on for several minutes. That's some scary shit men. The stories of tornados sounding like a freight train coming through are absolutely...
  5. 82ndCowboy

    Thursday Night Bike Night Bash for Tornado Relief

    This Thursday Feb 8th, 7pm to when ever! At Johnny Rotten's Bar Out Back. On 17-92 in Sanford Florida. Exit 104 off I-4. The Monsters in the Morning and The Shannon Burke Show are having a free concert to benefit tornado victims of Central Florida. All Proceeds go to The Red Cross to benefit...