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  1. C

    Ugly Gen 2 Vmax

    Oh the agony....
  2. K

    Help me fix this UGLY!!

    Can someone please help me find a cleaner set of switches that may work on an '89. Also, can you have your master cylinders chromed? Thanks!!
  3. M

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good: My '85 Max with over 38k, has never exhibited the dreaded 2nd gear problem until now. The Bad: My v-boost has never worked until now. The Ugly: Finally got the v-boost working, and now whenever v-boost engages in 2nd gear, it pops out of gear. DAMN - DAMN - DAMN ! ! ! :bang head: :bang...
  4. dekberg

    Change your ugly differential dust covers

    Hate your grey differential dust's a great way to change them to the color you want. Before you start this project order a new differential o-ring you will probably need to replace it before you put the gear back in. Get the plastic dust covers off (do both). Mask off the...
  5. S

    How can I cure my ugly exhaust can?

    How can I fix my ugly exhaust can? My bike isnt pretty, but its not ugly either. But this is probably the single biggest eye sore. Basically, the entire exhaust can looks like it has leprosy and I really want to conceal or fix this somehow without making it look like complete ass. Right now I...
  6. L

    The V-Max IS Ugly As Hell

    No way would I ever be caught alive on one of these shitty looking bikes. These have got to be the ugliest fucking pieces of shit I've ever seen. Whatever you do don't go to a bike night on these things, you'll get laughed at repeatedly.:rofl_200:
  7. Jayhawk

    Dance with the ugly girl, cheap

    Edit: Duplicate. Sorry, please delete this thread. Should have read the board first.
  8. daves86vmax

    ugly kerkers

    the 86 i just got has kerkers that sound great but all the chrome is peeling off.Only on the bolt on,the rest of the pipes look new.Is there somethinh I can have done to these to make them presentable without buying new,If so could I get the names.thanks.:punk:
  9. firefly

    The ugly rocket III Vs the beautiful Max

    An old article but worth reading. enjoy:bicycle: :nyah nyah: :argue000: ________ smoke kills