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  1. 4gasem

    Just updated to iOS4 for iPhone

    It's AWESOME! I have a 3Gs so I can use multi-tasking... LOVE IT! It'll hold me over till my new iPhone 4 comes.... :eusa_dance: God I'm a geek! Chris
  2. 2fear

    Updated pics of the Max...

    Had my 05 a month now and it looks a little slimmer.... Removed the factory back rest, replaced with grab bar with a HAC back rest (part time). Smaller blinkers and mirrors, powder coated my old chrome case guards from my 85 black..... First picture is from before.
  3. kozy

    Updated pictures

    Ok.....since Garrett pointed out to me that I have yet to take pics of my bike since it was the stock silver color......here ya go. Everyone on here likes to say :ttiwwp:so everyone should enjoy this......
  4. gunrunner

    Updated shift drum segment part #

    Well while doing my south island trip i lost 4th and 5th gear , took it in to a local bike shop they told me it was 30 - 40 labour hours . I politely told them where to go as motor was all good and didnt need a rebuild , once bike was sent back to the north island as i thort it was missing a pin...
  5. 82ndCowboy

    Updated Daytona Bike Week Info

    DAYTONA BIKEWEEK 2008 - updated Jan 21, 2008 Its almost time for Bikeweek 2008. This year Daytona Bikeweek runs from Feb 29-Mar 9, 2008. Time to book rooms or campsites if you havent done so yet. You can view a list of possible places to stay here in Daytona, on the VMOA website under the...
  6. Buster Hymen

    FAQ has been updated

    I've updated the FAQ so it is more specific to how to do things on this forum. Post up any other FAQs you'd like to see pertaining to how to use the forum. We are currently working on a VMax specific FAQ, so if anyone wants to write one (just post a text file and I'll take it from there) on...
  7. Buster Hymen

    Updated "new" Max picture

    At least in this photo, the old style seat i son it and it now has a headlight. A step forward from the one that debuted at the Bike show. Still has the 2 stupid rads though..:ranting2: