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  1. S

    V-Boost Whining sound with Ignitech

    Hi everyone. Recently my v boost was only intermittently working on my 96 V-Max. I found out there was a problem with the v-boost controller. Instead of buying a new controller I decided to replace it with a Ignitech unit. It seemed to fix my vboost but has introduced a loud whining electrical...
  2. 6

    How to recognize Vmax gen1 with V-boost

    Noobie here, Is there some kind of rule of thumb, how to recognize Vmax gen1 with V-boost from the lower powered models? From the sale advertisements: -More than 100kW = V-boost? -If i see "spring system" from the side between carburetors = V-boost? With actual bike on hand: -When I turn the...
  3. SharpMan

    No Power at High RPM

    Whats going on y'all. My VMax has been acting a little strange. It rides fine, but suddenly when I get around 6 or 7k RPM, the engine freely revs to redline without any power going to the wheel. When I roll off the throttle within that rev range, it FEELS like the bike wants to accelerate, and...
  4. R

    1st Gen V-Max Gen 1 VMX1200

    Untouched 1997 bike with 27 000 miles on the meter. Unrestricted with Vboost imported from Canada back in the days caused by import restriction in Sweden. Picture shows last years first run for the season with icy waters and snow still left in some areas. You can see people walking on the Ice...
  5. Geoff Lewie

    Looking for a good VBoost servo motor.

    Hey guys, my VBoost servo is starting to hang up. I have recently cleaned and synced the carbs and gave everything a good cleaning so that is not it. The motor is starting to die. Anyone have or know someone who may be parting out a Gen 1 and have a good VBost servo they would be interested to...
  6. 02GF74

    Is Vboost fitted?

    Apologies if this has been done a million times but a quick search showed no results. So as per title, how do you tell if v-boost is fitted? I'm a recent owner of a 1998 Vmax that should be full power but when ignition is turned on, only sound is the fuel pump (?) clicking a few times...
  7. B


    Hey guys, I am new here and hoping to get some input on my 2002 vmax with 8000 miles. I have gone through and rebuilt all the carbs recently due to a surge when riding. I thought it was the vboost so I disconnected the control box for that and it helped a lot. The bike still has a little surge...
  8. finatic@aol.com

    Vboost issue

    I bought a 1986 Vmax in very nice condition. I read where I should hear the vboost solenoid cycle when I turn the key on. It didn't seem to do that. It seems some say the connector behind the left scoop sometimes get corroded and causes this. I took the scoop off and the connector was clean. I...
  9. Fire-medic

    Block-off plate at VBoost rubber donut

    Taking your carbs off for a cleaning, because your low speed jets/passages are plugged? Want to avoid your child throwing some toy into your VBoost passage? Want something classier than your old socks stuffed into the holes? Visit your local hardware store, go to the plumbing section and buy...
  10. J

    Vboost Controller

    Does anyone know if Micromachines is still selling the vboost controller? I sent an email a few days ago and I'm not getting a reply.
  11. Dave.R

    V-Boost stank

    A buddy was riding behind me the other day, and said he can tell when the V-Boost runs because it smells pretty burned fuelish, like fireworks almost. I have a stage 7, so I'm sure I'm pulling a bit of fuel when it kicks on, but is a little smell normal?
  12. Trondyne

    Getting to know my V-Boost

    Just dumb noob questions here from a new owner... I just took the bike on a 150 mile ride and had lots of chances to open her up here and there... First thing I noticed is the speed limit is too low and the number of cars and trucks is too high... :biglaugh: But I finally am getting in...
  13. B

    vboost boot cracked

    Bike is running bad and was doing the starter fluid trick and found the vboost boot was torn. Rubber seems thin on them, can you squeeze them in without disassembling the vboost assembly?
  14. K

    Vboost flap position

    I seem to have an issue with the vboost. Last year when I got the max ('88 full power) I noticed the cable of the vboost had a bit of slack. Didn't pay much attention til this year's check-up. We had to use washers between the cable housing and the servo motor to take up the slack. The result is...
  15. S

    Intermittent VBoost cycling at ignition on

    Hi all, I have an '89 V-MAX and in the last 6 months the VBoost check when turning the ignition on has become intermittent... There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason; initially it appeared to be linked to ambient temperature i.e. if it was a hot day it went through the self diagnostic...
  16. sdt354

    V-boost control wanted

    All set, please delete. Steve
  17. B

    vboost gears

    Looking for this gear out of a v-boost unit. If you have one that is dead or a different gear is stripped I would be interested in the gear or whole unit to repair mine. It would be the larger gear that has a yellow to it and other pic shows it laying on its side, thanks
  18. rzwanink

    Vboost controller diagram

    Hi all Someone got an electrical/component schematic of diagram for the vboost controller unit? Like to make some own versions
  19. B

    Vboost - toggle switch

    I bought another Vmax. The previous owner wired a toggle switch for the VBoost. I believe it puts in on all the time. My question is, when the toggle switch is off...does that mean VBoost is off all the time or will it work like factory stock? Sore, not much of an electrical guru.
  20. Whiteflys

    Standard vmax to vboost

    Hi all, Do i need to change the wiring harness to fit v boost as mine is a standard one 1992 model with kerber 4 into 2s? Help and advise or is it easier to go to a stage 7 if the wiring harness dont have the connections? thanks for any advise given:rofl_200: