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  1. Fire-medic

    strip warrior

    I was over at my friend's shop, he's got several VMaxes in recently for various amounts of work. This is the stoutest candidate: 1530 cc air shifter 41 mm FCR flat slides Mad Max chain-drive 190 x 17" rear wheel It's run a 9.6 sec 1/4 mile, dunno the trap speed. The other bike is a shop...

    Win a Yamaha Road Star Warrior and support disabled vets!

    Hey Gang, Hope your all doing well! I wanted to announce that a disabled veterans non-profit I work with is raffling off a 2002 Yamaha Warrior. The bike runs great and has tons of extra's on it...The winner will be announced Sept 27th. The raffle tickets are only $25 each and it is a...
  3. M

    2006 Yamaha Warrior 1700cc for $3700

    I am selling my 2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior. It was layed down in a parking lot and dented the tank and broke the rear brake lever and bent the front brake lever. Easy fixes but I don't have the time to do it. The bike runs excellent. I need cash fast. Buying another VMAX 2nd gen. I am only...
  4. Noxx72

    Freedom Warrior M.C. Poker Run / Bike Night

    Event : Poker Run and Bike Night hosted by the Freedom Warrior M.C., a clean and sober club based out of Covina Ca. Event will begin with a pancake breakfast, followed by a full Poker Run up and around highway 39, including stops at "In The Wind" in Covina and "Lucky 7 Choppers" in Rancho...
  5. rebar

    V-Max Rat or road warrior bike?

    Has anyone ever seen a Vmax done up Rat style? Or road warrior style? I like the 80's look of the bike. But I also like the look of bare bones. Nothing except for the essentials. Any pics or links to projects like that?
  6. 82ndCowboy

    Warrior Wheels???

    Has anyone looked into weather the wheels from a Warrior will work on a Max? I was in traffic on my way home tonight and a midnight edition Warrior was stuck in traffic beside me and we shared a lane for a while and I was a little impressed with the 3 spoke rims on the Warrior. The midnight...
  7. Rusty McNeil

    Warrior front end

    I hung out with a buddy of mine this wekend who has a warrior. The upside down front end on the warrior is really sweet looking. Anyone know if this is a cartrdige front end or jus a damping rod like the Max. It does use the same lower front bearing as the Max but has a different part # for the...
  8. MagnaVMax

    Vmax vs. Warrior

    I was wandering what everyone else thought about the yamaha Warrior and Midnight Warrior. I had the privelage of riding a warrior the other night and thought it was an absolute blast. The warrior put down some serious power and great handling. What do you guys think of them?