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  1. Joken

    Factory Windshield + 1986 Flywheel and pick ups

    Hi I have a Vmax small windshield for sale and also the flywheel (rotor) and pick ups from a 1986 vmax Windshield = $100 plus shipping and pp fees Rotor and pick ups = best offer, will take pictures if there is any interest
  2. Lotsokids

    Windshield Installed (Pic)

    I ordered a used windshield for $100 from Ebay last Sunday night - It arrived this morning (Tuesday)! Wow, that was quick. I've rode a few hundred miles on long-distance rides, but that wind is tough to deal with for a few hours. I installed this rather large windshield today, and rode to...
  3. P

    Windshield (yes, another thread but with a twist)

    Good morning / evening / afternoon... I'm looking for a windshield for my 99 max, for longer rides. I spent a fair amount of time whittling down my options and trying to find the right balance between one that offers enough protection (full body + head...not just chest) and one that doesn't...
  4. D

    Brand New Yamaha Touring Windshield Gen 2

    Gen2; 2009 and newer; Still in the box $250 shipped - Retails for $399 [email protected]; 319.431.0070 - Dave
  5. 2

    Yamaha OEM VMAX Windshield (lightly tinted) w/mount hardware attached

    Very nice looking lightly tinted Yamaha OEM windshield I just removed from my '92 VMax. Has nice Yamaha graphic design on front/bottom. It's in very good condition. No cracks for chips. Has a couple barely noticeable scratches, and hard to see, but they are there and just want to disclose that...
  6. D-Max2012

    Anybody used this windshield? Any reviews?

    Has anyone purchased this windshield?? Any reviews, good or bad??
  7. J

    ISO: Fatmax mini windshield brackets

    Anyone have a set of Fatmax mini windshield brackets to sell or have pics of them so i can fabricate a set? Thank you, Tony.
  8. 3

    Anyone running a windshield?

    What size and brand?What difference did it make? Thanks
  9. M

    Mint Factory Mini Windshield

    $145 delivered. I need some Xmas cash! Text me for pics 908-295-2794
  10. henrysgmc

    Factory Mini Windshield

    In good condition. $140.00 shipped. PM if interested or text me at 845-283-6593
  11. P

    Barn door windshield

    RIFLE CLASSIC CRUISER WINDSHIELD. $300 new. $150 shipped to Cont US.
  12. naughtyG

    OEM windshield for gen1 Vmax

    OEM windshield for gen1 Vmax - SOLD OEM Yamaha Winscreen / Windshield to fit 1985-2007 Vmax 1200cc This windshield looks just awesome and provide great protection from wind, rain and especially insects, sending the air flow just over the rider. It is fully adjustable by loosening the fixing...
  13. rusty

    Vmax windshield frame

    Windshield frame polished with hardware/ $60.00 bucks/ Free shipping for USA/ Get a new plastic here--->
  14. M

    FS: Yamaha OEM VMax windshield -SOLD-

    Hi there, Had this windshield in my 01 VMax 1200... Was on it for about 3 months and took it off... The bike is long gone and now cleaning the garage I found it! It's original Yamaha accessories shield with winded logo in front. It attaches to the OEM upper tree bolts so, no extra hardware...
  15. N

    super ginormous windshield and sissy bar with package tray

    Hi all, I've got a windshield in very good condition with all mounting hardware and bracketry that needs a new home. I'm unsure of the brand, but it appears to be of decent quality and the brackets were definitely made for a gen1 Vmax rather than a universal set up. There is a scratch towards...
  16. E

    Windshield Gen II Boulevard for sale

    I have a OEM Yamaha Boulevard windshield that I want to sell. I paid 260.00 for it and will let it go for 200 shipped to the continental US. :clapping: I had it mounted on the bike for about a month or so. Eric
  17. Miles Long

    Backrest, Corbin seat, Givi windshield -$500.00!

    Not mine. Backrest WITH luggage rack, Nice looking Givi shield, Flap-style Corbin seat - asking $500.00 The catch - the ad is posted on the New Brunswick KIJIJI . The items are located in Moncton. I couldn't get the link to work, and I have no idea if the items have been sold...
  18. Falaholic

    Fork mount or handle bar mount windshield. Opinions?

    Wanted to hear everyone's opinion on fork mount or handle bar mount windshields. Also, please take into consideration possible impacts while riding.
  19. Falaholic

    PSA: Give consideration to using a windshield

    Hwy, going with flow of traffic. 80mph, in left lane; HOV. Truck & trailer 75mph, lane to the right of HOV. 2x4x18 caught air, hit my windshield, went right through, and hit me; chest and left shoulder. Windshield exploded and sprayed my full face helmet. Hit to the chest was hard enough...
  20. Fire-medic

    Bike sprocket penetrates car windshield

    Um, shouldn't this be an easy one to find the bike it came off of? Unless it fell out of a pickup truck carrying a bunch of stuff, and a bike basket case.