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  1. V


    Changing a lot of things on bike and need some advice,first,handlebars,they at tapered 1-1/8 down to what? What about risers?I've spent a lot of time online trying to find bars/ that would work,w no luck. if longer hoses,lines etc are needed,any ideas.....windshields,found one for max(besides...
  2. G


    Yes.. I know there is a thread on windshields.. but I didn't see anything specific about the hardware associated with this style.. Ok So I really like this style windshield on the vmax...
  3. Stinxx

    fly screen windshields for gen1 question

    How do you install the fly-screen on a gen 1? I just got one but it looks like it wont fit unless I remove the directional's and front brake line guide to install it
  4. R


    hi guys, im anewbie to this forum, bought vmax recently. would like to know about larger windshields than I have seen so far, any input will be appreciated!
  5. thundermax


    I am shopping for a windshield for my 98. I like the Hellfire V. Before I order it I am asking for comments from other vmax owners on their likes/dislikes/recommendations. Thanks!
  6. S


    Are there any decent windshields out there for the GenII max?
  7. gunrunner

    Thread about Windshields

    Had my Max for almost 2 weeks . It came with a mini screen and not sure if i like the look . Have ridden it with and without it on , seem to be better without it wind wise . What do you guys think ?:ummm:
  8. M


    Looking for a windshield that is effective, but looks good on the max. Any recommendations or pics? TIA
  9. dwardtxusa


    Does anybody have a National Deflector on thier Max? I would like to see a pic if you do. Thanks Doug:banana:
  10. ALMTY

    Windshields ? ?

    In May I got myself my first bike. The 2007 V-Max. I Love it ! But I live in a very windy place and its killing me. I don't want the FULL shield and all thats on it now is the small 6" instr. shield. My Yamaha dealer has been no help. I want a 12 or 14" shield. Where do I get such an animal...
  11. V

    fork mount windshields

    any that fit the max?
  12. Lan1201


    Will yall post pics of your windshields that you have put on your bike as well as info on them.
  13. S

    Windshields for the Max

    Hi fellows, new to the board but not to bikes. Purchased a 2000 a couple of weeks ago equipped with Yamaha's shield. I find the shield too short and not wide enough for long distance (500 mile) rides as it creates far to much turbulence with its upright position. I think Yamaha really...