1985 Front fork Air crossover (Name) tube

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Aug 29, 2010
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New Hampshire
Finally got the call my Lower legs and fork Brace are done at powder coater
ALL new seals and wipers, Race tech springs, cartridge emulators
question is
Should I eliminate the air crossover tube?
I think a oring is missing I have to take a closer look, tube after years is bent up pretty good
Can it be converted to a Poly line?
He's a big-'un.

(I use the same Race-Tech)

I'd try running a minimal charge, like 5 psi.

I expect the fittings are metric, and not NPT. If you have the correct fittings for the outer diameter of the poly tubing. I don't see why you couldn't. A well-equipped store having hydraulic hoses in smaller sizes is what you want. That, and a sympathetic counter person. Sometimes the boss doesn't want to 'waste counter-time on a piddly-ass project.' He could be having the sales clerk servicing a $$$$ account, but the sales clerk is tied-up with giving you assistance.

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