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Jan 17, 2013
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Sremski Karlovci
Hello everyone,

I had to change fork seals on my '97 VMax and noticed that fork springs are quite longer then stock ones. Basically there is no tube between spring and top screw. When screw is taken off, spring gets out like 5cm out of the fork tube.
I guess that previous owner replaced stocks with these longer ones (progressive springs).
Can you please help me with this setup and amount of oil I should put in the fork.
Make sure the forks are fully extended. Then The springs, or tubes should be close to the top. Even with the top of the forks should give you an average pre-load, and subject to adjustable heights.You can get adjustable fork caps, from Sean I believe. Pull springs and check the levels. Progressive has an oil level spec. And viscosity gives you some added adjustment. That is semi adjustable too. See if the spacers are under the springs? Usually there are spacers needed, and cut to attain desired pre-load.
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