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Nov 4, 2021
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Hi all,

My right mirror makes a very annoying rattling sound.

Took it out of the stem, and I can feel that there is something loose inside.

Is there a way to disassemble the stock mirrors whiteout breaking the glass?

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They're cheap here, they may not be where you are. By 'cheap,' that's more of a comparison to Harley prices. Several aftermarket companies make OEM style teardrop mirrors. Remember that one side of the Yamaha bikes has a reverse-thread.

Does the mirror vibrate, or does it just make a noise? You could drill a small hole into the housing, and use some low-expansion foam injected to firm-up whatever is in there, rattling. High-expansion foam will probably break the glass as it cures. For the price, I think I'd just buy a new head.
It doesn't vibrate, it's just the noise, like something is loose inside.

The glass is firmly secure, and the inclination adjustment is tight. What could be making the noise? I presume that there aren't many parts inside the assembly.
If I were guessing, there will be nut or similar holding the back of the mirror to the stalk, so part of that has come away.

The bezel (surround around the mirror glass) is either crimped or pressed on, try prying with a thin blade to see if it moves. I expect trying to remove it will damage the chrome and or mirror.

Drilling a small hole, followed by progressively larger holes, until the item drops out is the alternative, then a piece of electrical tape or blind rubber grommet to seal up the hole.
Whatever's loose inside isn't metallic, it sounds like plastic or hard rubber, and seems somewhat big.

Ended up drilling a 5mm hole in the back, near the stem support, and injected a glue, similar to silicone. It seems to be working for now :)
Move-up to Brazilian butt lifts, next!

Hopefully the noise is eliminated. Did you throw a screw into the hole you drilled?

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