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Apr 7, 2011
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Hey all, Question I know the answer is not good. Out riding this afternoon and bike felt like it lost a little power. Took it home checked out everything. I have lots of oil in my coolant. But no water in my Oil. Blown head gasket? Cracked Head? Thanks for any answers. :bang head:
Possible problem with the water pump seals? I'd check that first. It's the easier fix for sure. But, loosing power? that sounds more like a head gasket failure. Compression test for starters. I' m sure others will post more ideas too.
My 89 does push some oil into the coolant. I asked the same question here. Sean said it likely is normal as long as it's a one way trip and no water is getting into the oil. The 89 has higher than normal oil pressure which is probably from the PO doing an oil pump mod. Sean mentioned that possibility too. If it's normal, some oil will collect in the top tank, just pull it off once in a while and clean it. Refill with good 50/50.

Hey Tampa, I'm just across the Bay.......Welcome to the Forum......
Yea Sean is doing my extended rear End atm!!! I have a feeling it is the head gasket because of my power loss. It idles normal but when I give it some gas it feels a bit sluggish. Thanks for replys all.
hi i have oil in water the water pump is all ok no water in oil and it runs great
please help what can it be any ideas ???
You could have a bad mechanical or oil seal in the pump and hard to know unless you've replaced it. There are also other leak points like the joints where the coolant transfer tubes are in the heads (multiple orings on them).
thanks for your input i have looked with my endoscope all ok clean and no weeping oil or water
i am looking for hight pressure oil line "oil to water" ?? is it possible breather housing oil delivery pipe o-ring oil pump to cylinder heads ??????? (the coolant transfer tubes in the heads) on the oil side is that just crankcase pressure ???? please more input
Hi it was the oil delivery pipe o ring in the breather housing all ok thanks to all
Hey guys,

I have the same problem on my 1996 vmax, as you can see in attached image.
It is now 1500km since coolant was changed and it feels quite oily. I did not notice oil level drop. Water pump was never touched but this crap never showed up before.
Can you please explain what is "oil delivery pipe o-ring". Breather housing is that rectangle cap between front and rear cylinders?


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