Short Turn Throttle Tube?

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Jul 31, 2021
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I put an r6 throttle tube on my 07 fz1 to make it not such a long twist to wot. It works great just wondering if anyone has shortend the twist to wot on the 1700 and if so what did they do?
I'm currently using one from Rizoma on my gen1. It us integrated into the grip. Pretty universal setup. I'm sure it would probably work for gen2 as well. Comes with 3 or 4 different cam profiles in the box.
I epoxied some schedule 40 pvc pipe to my previous gen 2. Pretty much anything to enlarge the cam gets the job done & will likely be quite a bit cheaper & just as effective.
EDIT: This pic isn't a vmax sleeve but this is exactly how I did mine. Used a dremel tool to smooth it out. Before putting everything back together with cables in place, put the sleeve into the throttle assembly & be absolutely sure it spins with NO binding...I do recall having too much material the first go around & had to grind down the pvc a bit.


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