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Nov 19, 2023
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Largo, Florida
I hope that I am not resurrecting an old thread but I wanted to get people's opinions. Things change fairly quick in the online world and one blight that I am constantly running into are scalpers. 3rd party people that resell items at a big mark up and they essentially do nothing but take your money. For the most part its pretty obvious if your dealing with such people but the line seems to be getting blurred. What I am looking for is the closest thing to a legitimate OEM parts source, preferably from japan. I'm not looking for one off parts, or single items. Ebay as well as a google search are good for finding those. I want to get a wide selection of vmax parts from one place. Screws, o-rings, plastic's, OEM stickers, things of that nature. When I fix up my cars or bikes I try to put it as close to original as possiable. Partzilla, revzilla, motosport are typically what I am talking about but this is where that 3rd party crap seems to be. They do have very decent collections of parts but the prices are anywhere from 2x to 10x times more than what it should be. And on top of that the shipping isnt cheap eithor. Revzilla, Partzilla and two other websites are almost exact clones of each other, which leads me to believe they just stole the website design from the same source they are getting parts from and basicly just drop ship the items to you. I have stumbled across and it seems like a legitimate source that people on this site have used. But I also found impex japan which claims to also be a japanese parts direct site, but is nothing but a scam site that will make you hate life. Anyways enough from me I would like to hear from the rest of you. What have you used if you don't mind sharing, and also what places that should be avoided. And hopfully we can create a decent idex of source's that would help benefit us all.
I use either my local Yamaha dealer or Ron Ayres Yamaha. They offer good service and I've used either for many years, er, make that decades.

Sean Morley stocks many Yamaha OEM parts, and his knowledge if you run into an issue is worth quite a bit, it is to me. [email protected]

CaptainKyle is a good source with fair pricing on used parts, Sean Morley sells used parts also. [email protected] He may be a Custom Chrome/Parts Unlimited dealer also. Check with him.

dannymax does carburetor repairs, the two guys I've already mentioned do as well. [email protected]

Sean Morley and CaptainKyle also paint, or can get it painted however much your wallet can stand. Sean has a good source for chrome work.

Paul Civitello makes chain-drive VMaxes, if you want something where you're a member of an exclusive group. A stock VMax but chain drive is a threat to many bikes in a straight line, where the bikes will be surprised at your ride's performance.

I've had contact or have done business with all of these guys.
I probably stock more OEM new (and used) parts then anyone in the US (other then the master warehouse). BUT, parts aren't cheap and typically I am higher cost then the online sources. But, you'd get most of the parts still in the Yamaha packaging. Unless you wanted aftermarket which i also stock a good deal of. I don't typically sell any parts that I haven't tested (or warrantied) as well. Of course we have the parts we make too.

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