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Dec 13, 2019
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Long term owner, but new forum member.
I need a reference for good VMAX mechanic in Denver CO area.
Do my own routine maintenance, but dealing with an apparent fuel system problem. Don't wish to have someone uninformed work on the V-boost equipped system. (2003 model)
My last trusted shop I used went out of business a couple years ago... :^(

Any guidance locating an VMax expert would be extremely appreciated...
Hey ToddS, welcome to the forum. My name is Gent, in Denver and am no expert but
can damn sure help you.

Hi Gent,

Tried to reply previously, but doesn't appear to have gotten through. So another attempt. What's a good way to connect directly?
I know of a guy here in Colorado , if you need one . He has worked on my carbs and did a good job. My number is 303-845-2551

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