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  1. 1986davester2010

    Just signed up from Ohio

    I was a member years ago on here but changed my email and all that.I’ve owned my 1986 Vmax since 2008 and last July I flew out to Iowa to buy my 2010 on the 4th of July and rode it 640 miles home.the seller was the original owner and had bought it in 2016 still in its crate and he owned it for 5...
  2. finatic@aol.com

    1986 Fork seal dust covers

    Has anyone found a vendor in the US that sells dust shields for the forks on my 1986 Vmax?
  3. Joken

    Factory Windshield + 1986 Flywheel and pick ups

    Hi I have a Vmax small windshield for sale and also the flywheel (rotor) and pick ups from a 1986 vmax Windshield = $100 plus shipping and pp fees Rotor and pick ups = best offer, will take pictures if there is any interest
  4. Z

    1986 Yamaha Fazer

    Fun little bike. I just acquired it on a trade. http://www.nextechclassifieds.com/listings/1491486/
  5. C

    1986 Rear fender cover

    Looking to find a nice "Rear Fender Cover" Yamaha part number 1FK-2163A-00-00 Mine is Badly corroded / scratched and I'd like to find a NICE one. I am aware they are available still from Yamaha but find it a bit pricey for such a small item Can someone who has a "parts bike" perhaps help...
  6. 1

    Front wheel Bearings 1986 VMAX

    Hello Friends, I have been rebuilding my forks on my 1986 this week and upon removing the wheel I saw that the bearings are not sealed but open rollers. They seem to be fine, but I thought since I had the wheel off I would replace. Should I go back with the open rollers or replace with...
  7. J

    1986 Vmax For Sale One Owner

    30'000 Miles garage kept always, New Dunlop white letter tires front rotors all pads and handle bar grips too, just cleaned carbs and synced been running fine slowed down off the freeway from just cruising at 65 in fifth gear just as I slowed down and started to pull the clutch in I start...
  8. Hijinx1812

    1986 Fazer

    https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/mcy/6126830915.html I saw this on CL today
  9. A

    1986 sissy bar (back rest)

    Want to sell or trade for the normal one. Don't like this look. Any one interested shot me an offer.
  10. K

    Paint Colors for 1986

    I have an '86 which is painted in a metallic maroon color. The quality of the paint looks as though it is original, although I have been told that although maroon was available in '86, 'metallic' maroon wasn't available until '92, so it may have been a good re-spray. The previous owner has had...
  11. K

    1986 vmax $2500

    Located in Monterey, CA (Bay Area) I'm looking to sell the bike as I'll be leaving fairly soon in the future and am not really looking to drag this bike around with me and would rather get it into hands that will be able to take better care of it than me. Upgraded the charging system with...
  12. N

    Vmax Seat - 1986

    Hi....Newbee here. I am the original owner of my 1986 VMAX. No mods. Like new. Unfortunately, my friend was doing some work on it (let it sit too long...carbs gunked up...now at the local cycle shop - carbs being redone...$600 ++boo hoo) and put a hole in the rear seat. Searching for one in...
  13. blaxmax


    Heading out today to pick this one up today,-How many thinks it's an '1985? Me thinks it is. Footpegs and side covers. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/5748960413.html
  14. M

    1986 Vmax

    1986 vmax. 2001 motor. Kerker 4-1 exhaust Newer tires. Brand new gears and gaskets. Ready to ride or trick out. Serious inquiries only. southwest michigan. Best way to contact me is text. @ 6164375011 http://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/mcy/5678620122.html
  15. 2

    1986 VMAX (fair condition) in northern Wyoming

    1986 VMAX (fair condition) in northern Wyoming - Lowered price I picked up this 1986 VMAX as part of an estate sale. The woman who sold it said it would run so I replaced the battery and clutch master. I put some fresh gas in it and it fired right up. It didn't come with a speedo/odometer so...
  16. S

    1986 fork oil amount?

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a new to me vmax, and I need to replace the fork seals. I cannot seem to find any info on the amount of oil per fork? I was just wondering if anybody knew or had a source for the info? Also, what a wonderful site here! So much info, I could read for...
  17. U

    do 85 V-Boost tubes is 30mm while 1986 and above is 32mm?

    I heard that VMAX'S of year 85 have V-Boost tubes is 30mm while 1986 and above have 32mm? This true? What is the meaning of that ? less power? More power? In this days I am importing a 85VMAX from USA… so if I need to fix something… now is the right time J
  18. L

    1986 Venture - need help!!

    Ok, I am ready to bury my bike with a backhoe!! It started running like the idle jets were plugged up. Erratic and low vacuum readings on the Morgan Carbtune. So sinc the carbs had never been off I decided to do a rebuild. Pulled carbs and used an ultrasonic cleaner on them. While cleaning I...
  19. maxrom

    1986 Royal Venture

    Here how it was 3 years ago fairing was craked Carb diaphragm craked ans all seal dry out At the first try out of basement the fckn starter clutch wen out :damn angry: Mod the 2003 air box to fit the new carb Project not finish yet, this will go on next winter
  20. J

    1986 Grab Bar

    Hi everyone. I am new to the site. Looking for some help on parts compatibility. Will a rear seat, grab bar from a 1993 V-Max fit my 1986 V-max? Just picked the bike up and would like to take the sissy bar off and go with a short grab bar. Thanks in advance! Rob