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  1. E2009B68-8AA7-455F-9442-C93CFAB70846.jpeg


    1990, dual Dale walker holeshot exhaust, jet kit, fork brace, stupid bright LED lighting upgrade, 140db steibel nautilus horn, ‘cause the horn has to be louder than the exhaust. love the goddamn bike!
  2. CaptainKyle

    1990 Max

    90 vmax 17,500 original miles speedometer shows 16,500 as it had to be replaced. New battery,carbs just synched, fresh oil change,new front brakes ,front tire new back one 60 % runs and rides great. The exhaust is scraped on both sides other than that it is a pretty clean and low mile bike for...
  3. TheMeanSupreme

    1990 loud pop/backfire and lurches on acceleration

    My 1990 Max has been giving me problems since mid-last summer. I'm a daily rider but learning to wrench as probs arise. Not the best situation but it's reality. So... I've had a charging problem since spring last year. Bought new battery and all was well for two weeks or so. Then the new battery...
  4. Fire-medic

    1990+ wire harness

    Looking for a clean 1990+ wire harness, PM me please. Thanks.
  5. M

    Looking for a stock 1990 vmax

    If you know of any with low miles let me know. Thanks
  6. M

    FS: 1990 VMax very clean $3500

    1990 VMax $3500 obo Located in Augusta, GA 19k miles custom paint drag bars Voodoo 4-1 exhaust stage 7 jet kit new tires recent oil change new Odyssey battery runs great email to: [email protected] https://vimeo.com/186361448 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. H

    1990 front brake rotor sizing

    I replaced a warped rear about 6 months ago. Now, I have a warped front rotor. Bars shake during freeway on ramp launch, I can no longer take my hands off the bars and coast. I can spin the front tire and clearly ID offending rotor. I have fresh pads, fork seals, and head bearings...
  8. J

    1990 Vmax $1500

    no longer for sale
  9. K

    1990 V-max Pittsburgh -SOLD_

    Bike is now SOLD 1990 VMAX for sale here. Runs great, never let me down. Only issue is a rip in the seat. This is way below blue book, Clear title in hand, ready to go when you are. 27k miles. Selling because I miss my sportbikes :( And I want to buy a new telescope mount... asking 1700
  10. U

    1990 VMAX Baltimore MD

    I am reluctantly selling my VMAX. Spending more time on my FZ1, and the Max is just sitting most of the time. Although I didn't spend a lot of time on this forum, the info here was priceless for putting together my bike. Thanks to all. :punk: All mods done within last 3 years and 4k miles...
  11. T

    1990 vmax carb problem

    hi got my 1st vmax couple of weeks ago its a 1990 one owner from new,been standing for abit ran fine on choke but when choke off at low speed felt like it was on 3 open it up and it ran ok ish, read lots of posts about cleaning carbs with them still on bike use,in carb cleaner it did work abit...
  12. mattmullins

    1990 with supertrapps open ends and 6 disc

    These was my numbers last night was 103.64 hp 69.80 tq they couldn't put the sniffer on with the disc but my plugs are white so I'm sure I'm lean a/f turned out 2 3/4 numbers seem low it was 98 f
  13. C

    1990 v-max with no spark

    at first my wifes v-max would just cut out while riding it. like you were turning it off really fast as most of the time it would stay running. I put a new batt, plugs,and stater in it, now it lost spark on all four plug but the weired part is that if you turn the off switch to off without the...
  14. B

    1990 V Max with Side Car (Gittyup!)

    Hi All! I'm new here! Wanted to share with you all pictures of my 1990 V Max Hybrid with Velorex side car.:eusa_dance: Why is it a Hybrid? It is fitted with a self made HHO generator (Experimental).:ummm: Why do I have a sidecar hooked up to my V Max? Well, I've had the bike since 1994 and I...
  15. G

    looking to buy OEM 1990 Vmax, 4.1 kms

    hello and thank you i live in Canada but found an OEM 1990 V-max in JAPAN with about 4.1 KM Obviously the bike is in PERFECT condition, and selling for around 7000 US (NOT including shipping and handling)....any comments? worth while?
  16. outlaws justice

    1990 Kawasaki EX500 Ninja

    THIS BIKE IS SOLD This bike is in pretty nice shape, New Tires, Chain, Sprockets and brakes. Oil just changed and ready to ride. I am riding it in New Hampshire this week, but when I return On Monday May 1st it will be for sale. A great overall bike. Color is Black with gray lower and red...