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  1. G

    96 Vmax with 6,600 miles!

    Low mileage Vmax with only 6K miles on the clock. This bike is like a time capsule. Very clean tight bike. The bike needs nothing but a new owner and a strong grip as this machine is a rocket. A true muscle bike. Jardean exhaust. No trades or joy rides, cash in hand. $5,200. PM me for pics as I...
  2. T

    600 mile checkup

    What exactly does the dealer do to the bike for the 600mile checkup? Is something that is covered or is it something I will need to pay for?
  3. C

    11.05@122 Video and yes I dusted a Ninja 600

  4. GREEN light BLITZ

    what do we think? CBR 600 fender

    My buddy has a 07 CBR 600 R/R and a spare fender for it that I decided to toy with. I can easily make this bad boy fit and mount cleanly...Either way I will probably end up doing it... Im slowly turning it into a "street fighter",slowly being the key word here... SO WHAT DO YA THINK? I got a...
  5. maxcruiser

    Pick up a Radian 600 for wife

    Just picked up a 1986 Yamaha Radian 600 for my wife. Bike is in very good shape for the year and runs like a top. Got the bike for $400.00 with 49000 kilometers (30,000 miles) on it. Now being a vmax guy, the bike will need to be modded for improved ridability and so my wife who's 5 feet tall...
  6. satariel666

    GSXR 600 Conversion

    Chemicaly remove'd the paint from rim a still work to do with fine polish. Michelin Pilot sport radial 190/50-17 and still have 6mm space so i plan to fit 200 tyre. Rim without any offset, swingarm stretched and notched. I've made this all by myself - coupla hour's of my work on lathe...
  7. shawn kloker

    93 fzr 600

    Bought a 1993 FZR 600 last night for a rat bike.Found it with 10k miles,a complete Airtech FZR-R1 conversion fiberglass body kit on it,Yosh exhaust and It needs carb work.Only runs with the choke on.Good Ohio title for $650. I already have another 93 fzr 600 that I bought for the forks,wheels...
  8. 9

    98 vmax vs 00 gsx-r 600

    My friends girlfriend has a gsxr 600 he says he will smoke me on my stock 98 vmax. I doubt it, any one ever race a 600? I was talking to someone about their max and they said they rarley get beat on the streets, they said bikes like the gixxer 1k and 999xx beat him on long straits but he said "...
  9. D

    1989 Fzr 600 For Sale

    BACK UP FOR SALE: I am selling my 1989 FZR600 (no longer needed since I bought my VMAX) the following parts are BRAND NEW (not used) 1) front sprocket ,retainer nut and lock washer) 2)"o" ring chain 3)all 4 carb. joint boots....not used but BRAND NEW! 4) rear seat w/ strap 5)front and rear...