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  1. Walter Walker

    aftermarket starter solenoids

    bought a used vmax last year, in barely running condition; ended up having to tow it to my house as the throttle cable snapped out of the holders. starter would barely turn, so i replaced the solenoid with a $8 Chinese piece as the oem is like $80. solenoid worked for awhile then started...
  2. g2501

    aftermarket lift handle for custom tail

    hello guys, just yesterday I was installing the new mv agusta tail on my vmax , I had some issues with the turning lights ( ended up in purchasing a new smaller set to fit the small holes ) but now I'm in trouble with a big issue : the lifting handle.... I'm a small old guy and for sure I do...
  3. henrysgmc

    Aftermarket Backrest and Luggage Rack -SOLD-

    I bought this used and its no longer needed. Price is $125 . Shipped. Call or text 845 283 6593 if interested.
  4. C

    OEM Versus Aftermarket

    I have a new to me 1986 V-Max. Bike came with aftermarket mirrors mounted but the OEM ones in a box (although badly scratched up). I bought what was described as a NOS OEM mirror (even came in an official Yamaha box). When received this "new" one I wanted to polish it and happened to...
  5. Traumahawk

    Tires for aftermarket wheels

    I'm running Carrozzeria wheels on my 07 Vmax, so running a 120 tire up front, and a 180 tire on the rear. What tires or tires combos are everyone running? I'm running a Shinko Verge up front and a Shinko Stealth on the rear. Thanks
  6. mundmc

    Aftermarker front brake and clutch replacements

    Hi all, I am considering replacing my front brake and clutch master cylinders/ handles/ reservoirs, mainly because of a screwed up (pun intended) bolt that keeps the lid on the front brake reservoir (I brought this up in another thread, but affordable machine shops in Brooklyn are hard to...
  7. C

    Rotor question with aftermarket wheels

    Hey guys! Quick question, a search yielded no solid answer. I have a 2003 Vmax. It has a 17" Dymag rear wheel, and an 18" Dymag front. Will these wheels still use stock style rotors? Do I need to order anything special, or just rotors for an 03 Vmax? Rear rotor is looking slim, and I'm...
  8. J

    Aftermarket seat for an '06 vmax

    Hello, I'm looking for a better seat for my vmax, preferably one that has been lowered 3" and is black in color. Please let me know what you got. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  9. D

    Shift lever, left mirror and aftermarket clutch/front brake levers

    Need these parts ASAP, let me know if you have them!
  10. Poolio

    Aftermarket turn signals non led

    I bought a set of jap crap lights that look cool. Back went on no problems. Front only has two wires. Have everything working but no running lights now. How can I get them to work? That extra wire I'm left with for each side because I only used two, can it be spliced into somewhere?
  11. K

    Aftermarket radiator

    Has anyone installed one of these aftermarket radiators? Any issues with installation? Claims 30% increase in capacity, so does that mean keeps the motor cooler? Also, can these be painted black without hurting the cooling abilities? I have already changed the thermostat, but the oem...
  12. Traumahawk

    Aftermarket rotor minimum thickness

    From what Ive seen on the Galfers, and the Toby Huang knock offs, they are 5 mm thick new. Does anyone know what the minimum thickness for these rotors? Thanks
  13. TB99Max

    Aftermarket headlight (please post some pics)

    I was thinking of trying to make this work..... Thoughts, opinions welcome
  14. TB99Max

    Aftermarket foot pegs

    I want to replace my stock foot pegs and wanted to see some examples of what you guys got. Thanks
  15. E

    Aftermarket radiator and intake scoop inserts

    Searching for lightly used aftermarket intake scoop inserts and radiator cover, black or chrome in good shape. Thank you!
  16. Traumahawk

    Aftermarket levers making clutch slip

    This has been discussed a bit on other threads but like I'd said earlier, I would post details as to what I found when I got home and got everything fixed. So, A bit of history Several years ago, I bought these levers.....and didnt have any issue from them...
  17. M

    Aftermarket rear brake caliper stay -SOLD-

    $25 plus shipping. I live is Stafford Virginia
  18. M

    aftermarket Turn signal Problems...Help plz

    First of all i am brand new to the forum, and Ive tried searching for the problem but have had no luck. so here it goes. i got a free set of ebay Dual Filament turn signals from a friend who bought them off of eBay, but never used them. i wired them up and when i used the turn signals they...
  19. S

    2015 VMAX Aftermarket Advise??

    Hello All! I'm new here and just ordered my first VMAX, can't wait! I intend on breaking the bike in for 500-1000 miles stock, then upgrading the exhaust, flash, and maybe air intake. I'm looking for some advise on these mods. I love the look of Vance&Hines but that's only 09-10, I love the...
  20. B

    Aftermarket connecting rods?

    I'm in the process of gathering parts for my 89' max turbo project and came across the inexpensive performance connecting rods on eBay. I see that they come with ARP 2000 bolts which is a reputable piece but am concerned with the quality of the rods and small end bronze bushing. Just wondering...