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  1. Drum Dog

    V boost controler

    I just bought a 1988 and the controller for the V boost does not work. :bang head: Anyone know where I can get one? I would like a new OEM, ARE THERE ANY? Is there a aftermarket part I could use ? There are some OEM ones used on Ebay but how do I know there any good? Thanks
  2. Fire-medic

    Harley new model to boost sales is a scrambler!

    Yes, you read that correctly, the newest Harley-Davidson is a bike sure to bring many new owners into the fold. Turning their back on the aging Baby Boomer cruiser-purchasing cohort, H-D has released a stylish scrambler which reportedly will sell for less than $6,500. Given that many of their...

    V boost disco questions

    97 VMAX 25K ; Ive read some of the Vboost how to's and My understanding is the Vboost can be disconected in the open position. Questions ; by disconecting does this mean it will always be in vboost mode at any rpm and the bike will always get the vboost benefit at all rpms ? Also does...
  4. 42Below

    V boost control question

    Gidday. I got my bike a few months ago. I havent had a chance to ride it much as the forks puked oil on the way home and and since repaired Ive been busy. I was told by the seller it had the vboost set to come in at 3000rpm. This feels right as it picks up a fair bit at 3k. I looked here on...
  5. S

    Boost servo no initial movement

    Hi. When i turn ignition on from key, my boost servo don't do initial check, open/close. However, when motor running and revs are around 6000 the servo motor pulls boost open.?? I have measured +- cable's and when ignition on, there is no voltage coming from boost control unit. The thing is...
  6. B

    V boost - toggle switch

    Got another Vmax. The previous owner wired a toggle switch for the Vboost. I believe it put on the V boost all the time or at least at the lower RPM. I would like the VBoost to operate like factory stock. Do you think I can just leave the toggle switch in the off position? Or, would that...
  7. V

    V boost not working

    I have a 1988 Yamaha VMAX my v boost quit working when i turn the key on servo motor does not cycle is the servo motor bad ?
  8. P

    Sasy V boost controller

    Works good with manual. $135 shipped to Cont US.
  9. G


    What is best way to ascertain if V Boost operating as it should ?.....Apart from giving it the throttle, makes the right noises when ignition turned on etc
  10. B

    V Boost

    Complete Vboost off a '92 $150 shipped conus
  11. S

    Boost missing?

    My year 88 full power max have lost boost. What are most common issues with boost malfunction? Boost relay? Electrical fault ? Any clues to start troubleshooting wery much appreciated [emoji57] Lähetetty minun GT-I9506 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  12. L

    boost problem

    Hello i`m a new member from the sunshine coast b.c. I have a 2007 max with a problem with the v boost, I have had the motor out of the bike for a partial rebuild (for ingesting a small piece of metal ,I will tell another time.) I have a flat spot @7000rpm. From 6000 to there its opening, then...
  13. M

    v boost controller

    My controler has to be lightly tapped to get it to work when key is turned can i fix this or does it have to be replaced.the previous owner had the boost unplugged so it was open all the started overheating once the air temp warmed up so i plugged it back ran great but only...
  14. Mike B

    T Boost

    Hi guys, I just picked up a '92 Vmax, she's been a bit neglected and I've stripped it down. Question, It has a switch on the front which the last owner, who had no motor knowledge at all, said was already fitted previously. I know it alters the Revs the V Boost comes in, but can someone tell me...
  15. G

    HP boost numbers on the hyperchargers?

    Whattup all! So, Im thinking about putting one of the hyperchargers on my 2009 1100 vstar classic. Does anyone know what the actual HP boost would be? I hear alot of people talking about the noticeable difference, but Im not hearing any numbers. Any info is super appreciated! Thanks brothers! ~Gary
  16. M

    v boost works whenever

    I bought a 91 that had sat for a it running great 18000 the vboost cycles every now and always cycles when i tap on the control box, but dont know if it works right while riding.removing the side cover is getting old.would it hurt anything if i unplug the vboost when...
  17. dmax1

    No boost

    It must be a sign not to ride on Memorial day. Last time it was a R/R that went bad. So I decided to go for a ride today only to find out the boost is not working. I ride home to see what it may be. All the fuses were good. Turn the key on and boost works. Thought it was just a bad connection...
  18. R

    T boost switch

    When I bought my bike the guy said he broke the tboost switch that was installed. its a little rectangle switch with 3 terminals but there is only a black wire and a red wire installed leaving one empty terminal on the switch. I bought a 3 position switch from Car Qust to replace the broken...
  19. M

    Can't feel any boost

    Hello does anyone not feel the boost? My bike is super responsive I mean it feels like new with tone of power but when I get up to 5,6,7 thousand.... Nothing " extra" no boost :ummm: Thanks
  20. V

    help t boost stop working!

    need you guys help I install the cop's conversion kit from G,very please but my t boost stop working :bang head: the v boost works but only at 6k it stop working at 3k could any of you please help? :ummm: