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  1. Thevmaxrider

    2014 Spring Ice Breaker ride

    Ok, Sorry for the delay all in getting this posted up, life caught up with me LOL! So without further ado here are the details: When: May 30 - June 1st Where: Simcoe, On The plan right now is to set up a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn in Simcoe. The rooms are $121.99 + tax per...
  2. DMAN999

    8th Annual Spring Ice Breaker (in NY)

    I'm organizing this ride again this year. We'll be riding from Hamburg, NY to Canandiagua Lake and back. Please see details and post questions here:
  3. DMAN999

    8th Annual Spring Ice Breaker (in NY)

    So it's almost that time of year again. Date: May 31- June 2. I already talked to the Manager of HideAways Restaurant and we will be getting get same Food /Drink Prices as last year. $2 Bottled Beer and Well drinks and 20% off food for Friday and Saturday. You can see the Dinner Menu Here...
  4. Thevmaxrider

    7th Annual Spring Ice Breaker

    Well, it is that time of year where I need to get busy planning the Spring Ice Breaker. Hard to believe that this will be the 7th edition of the ride!!! Dates are fixed at June 1-3rd. What I am struggling with is a location for this years ride. For that I am going to ask you folks for some...
  5. Thevmaxrider

    6th Annual Spring Ice Breaker

    Well, it's that time of year, the weather is getting warmer and it is time to announce the Ontario Spring Ice Breaker ride dates. We will again be sampling the hospitality in Port Dover, Ontario!! Hopefully folks from around the Great Lakes will attend!!!! Last year was quite the event!! 6th...
  6. Thevmaxrider

    2010 Spring Ice Breaker

    As I just noticed my failing it posting the Spring Ice Breaker information here I am putting this link to the thread with the pertinent information. Please post updates here.
  7. Thevmaxrider

    5th Annual Spring Ice Breaker

    All, It is that time of year and I am happy to announce that the Western Ontario Chapter of the VMOA is again hosting the Spring Ice Breaker. This is our 5th installment of this event. To keep things fresh we have moved the ride to Port Dover, Ontario on the North shore of Lake Erie this year...
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Big ass breaker changeout;

    Don't get to see this everyday, 138,000 Volt OCB (oil circuit breaker) changeout. 27,000 Lbs
  9. Thevmaxrider

    Ontario VMOA Chapter 3rd Annual Spring Ice Breaker

    Ontario Chapter 3rd Annual Spring Ice Breaker When: May 30, 31, and June 1st Where: Kincardine, Ontario Canada Who: VMOA members and friends (All bikes Welcome) Contact: Jim Rodgers Western Ontario Chapter Leader email: [email protected] phone (519)353-3544 evenings...
  10. Buster Hymen

    Ice Breaker ride

    Any one here go on this Ice Breaker ride? I wanted to go on it, but wasn't able to. I'd like to see some pictures from it too.
  11. G Man

    1st Annual Spring Ice Breaker Ride

    Please see the calendar May 26-28/2006 for the 1st Annual Spring Ice Breaker Ride Kincardine to Bruce Peninsula Ontario Canada. Jim Rogers is the contact for this event VMOA #4046. PM me for Jim's email or phone number if you require it. G Man VMOA #4087