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  1. CaptainKyle

    Animal Chat

    I know there are plenty of animal threads around here but I done a small search & did not see them. The only kids I have are my animals & there kids to me so here is my dog buddy. I guess this is what happens when you raise them off a bottle. Please feel free to add more pictures as I know...
  2. vmax2extreme

    Come and Chat now..

    Just passing time, come on in and chat!
  3. 95spfldmax

    Still No Tuesday Chat Night??

    Looks like the chat room still doesn't get used too often??
  4. vmax626

    what happened to chat nite ?

    I seem to have noticed that nobody cares about chat nite. I used to enjoy talking to everyone and then, NADA ?:ummm: QUE PASO MAN ?:confused2: <<Dave>>:punk:
  5. shawn kloker

    Chat room?

    cHAT ROOM!
  6. Buster Hymen

    Remember tonight is Chat night

    I'll be hanging around in there!:biglaugh:
  7. Buster Hymen

    CHAT ROOM schedule

    Every Tuesday night 10 pm EST Let me know of any other weekly chats!:banana:
  8. Bill Kratzenberg

    chat room

    Does anyone ever use the chat room here? I check in quit a bit and have never seen anyone using it.
  9. Buster Hymen

    Chat tonight?!

    I'll be in chat around 10 pm EST if any one has a boring evening planned! LOL
  10. shawn kloker

    new chat room

    Hey lets meet tonight at 10:00 est for a bullshit session. Shawn
  11. V

    1/4 Mile Chit chat

    How about some 1/4 mile times ? I ran a 10.11 at Noble Raceway 2 years ago ... I have run a 10.28 at bandimere in Colorado...