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  1. K

    Clip ons

    Hello I recently installed clip ons to my vmax, but the the cables are kinda long and it doesn't pull back properly the throttle. advices for setting this up properly? Now it goes under left scoop.
  2. Slamfire

    Stock Canadian needle clip setting

    Does anyone know the stock Canadian needle clip setting? I'm at sea level. I get a stumble cruising at 45000-5000 rpm. When I get on the throttle it goes away untill I start cruising again. I think it is running rich. I have stock modified exhaust.
  3. Zeus36

    Three piece Danmoto Clip On bars - or - flipping the stock bars ?

    Decided to try out the Danmoto bars and spent half a day getting them configured. Due to it being a three piece setup, there are a lot of permutations. I wanted the clamps to have the stubs oriented at 9 and 3 to clamp the risers to, but that ran into a fitment issue with the master cylinders...
  4. O

    Pilot fuel jet and needle clip question

    First, my pilot fuel jets are marked 40 whereas I think stock size is like 37.5? Any reason why the PO would have put a larger one in and should I bother going back to stock or can I just screw in my A/F screws a bit to compensate? Secondly, how much of a difference does half a clip on a...
  5. M

    Clip on bars!

    After trying a couple of different set ups with different bars in different heights (dragbar, streetbar) to find the best riding position for me, I decided to try some clip on bars i found at . I was a bit hesitant b/c of the price, but nevertheless it looked like the only thing to...
  6. fmcandrew

    Does anyone have a sound clip of the inner baffle drilled on the stock exhaust?

    Once I get over 50mph I can't hear anything but the wind...want to louden it up a bit, but not too much and for very little coin... Your thoughts are appreciated...
  7. a113ycat

    Clip On Bars

    I checked and really didnt find any info but Im sure one of you guys have the answer. Im thinking of adding clip on bars to my 95 once I get the CyberMAx head light assembly installed. I also want to go with rear sets. Any tips or Ideas?
  8. M

    Swatt clip ons

    I bought a set of Swatt 43mm clip ons with a 1.5 inch rise for the Vmax (to mount under the triple clamp as I don't want to lower my bike). Anyone else do this yet or am I blazing a trail here? My only concern is clearing the squared top clamp with the bar. No rise clip ons would have been...
  9. gleno

    Ideal needle, jet and clip settings/combo's

    Attention all Carb Guru's. Can anyone who has done it tell me what the ideal needle, jet and clip settings/combo's are for a stock motor running Supertrapp slip ons :ummm: Mine tends to run rich and especially so over 5k. Don't want to squeeze more power out of it. I just want to get the burn...
  10. maleko89

    FS: Paul Czernics 3/4 clip shims

    I ordered these thinking I already had 1/2 clip shims. I should have mic'd them as I already have the 3/4 clip shims. $12 includes shipping. Mark Milne Omaha, NE
  11. madmax94

    Cobra exhaust mpeg clip

    Cobra exhaust, stock air filter. Unsure of the jetting, as I've only had the bike for a few weeks. Full v-boost open and this is what it sounds like. Not the best vid, but gives you an idea of sound with the v-boost wide open. [url=]Click here to...
  12. firefly

    nice video clip ________ SAF