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  1. G

    Miss when cold runs well when hot?

    Ok, So I have a 1989 full power bike with 20k kms. It starts right up no issues, but runs very rough, pooping etc And the left rear cylinder is def not firing as the exhaust header is cold. After I take off and run for maybe 5 mins, the bike comes good and runs great, pulls like a train...
  2. vmax1998

    Cold start

    Hi y’all I have a 1998 vmax with 17k miles on it and a fresh battery as well as cop mod with denso coils and hopefully properly synced carbs that I synced yesterday with my Morgan carbtune. Anyways I live in arizona so it’s not cold at all here but I was wondering how it is normal for a vmax to...
  3. G

    One cold cylinder!!!

    Hey all, Newbie here, I just picked up my 1989 v max with v boots with o my 19000kms and in excellent overall condition. The guy who I bought it off had it since new and rode it very lightly so I know it has had an easy life. The carbs haven’t been touched for a long time. The bike starts...
  4. Trondyne

    Cold Starting

    Well the temps are super low here....and Max has been having trouble starting...due to the thickened oil stopping the starter clutch from engaging.... Question: Would it be safe to use a 50/50 mix of 10 weight oil with 5 weight oil? Someone suggested that 10 weight is the lowest weight...
  5. A

    pops when cold

    when i first start my max and let it warm up at a idle it pops now and then what could cause this doesn't do it when warmed up.
  6. mundmc

    White smoke/exhaust with full choke on cold start

    I'm embarrassed to ask, not me ch engine experience here. Symptom: Whitish smelly smoke from exhaust, usually one side at a time Onset: 2-3 weeks ago when it got cold out (low 20 F/-6 C) Duration: Until I back off the choke (under 30 sec before choke is at half and it stops Intensity: it makes...
  7. E

    Cold start, top of engine knocking/clanking but not on warm start?

    So I have an '88 Vmax with 61.8k miles on it and about a month ago I dropped the bike going about 10 MPH on a turn (thanks sand lol) and ever since then when the bike hasn't been turned over in more than a day then when I put the key in the ON position and the killswitch to run then when it does...
  8. ga_max

    Cold Cylinder - Help

    I recently discovered that cylinder #1 (left rear) is not heating up at the same rate as the others. I've read other posts about this and decided to try and figure it out was is happening. The first thing I did was visually check that coil and wire and cap and they all look fine (I replaced the...
  9. frank5079

    Cold weather riding

    I rode into work yesterday and before I got ready to leave my house at 7am, I noted that the outside temp was 17°F. I have used my North Face goose down parka, along with my Widder heated vest with temps in the low to mid 20s but my legs get too cold. So I decided to wear my Columbia one...
  10. frank5079

    Cold weather riding...

    I've had to ride my bike to work a couple of days because my stepdaughter wrecked my wife's SUV and she has been using my car. Long story short, the past few days have been cold and I did see 28°F passing the bank clock. I've been using my Columbia one piece ski-suit. I'd like to modify the...
  11. J

    It's sort of cold outside.

    Global warming my AZZ!!! ....just sayin'......
  12. frank5079

    Getting cold again...

    45 degrees during this morning's ride in to work; had to breakout my long-johns shirt, heated vest, and my leather jacket, but at least I was pretty toasty when I made it in after the 28 miles....
  13. O

    Knocking/Tapping on cylinder 4, cold start

    98 Vmax, 18,000 miles, getting a tapping/knocking like noise on cold starts that goes away once warm. Increases with RPM. Almost sounds like the noise a sticky hydraulic lifter makes in a pushrod motor. Possible I need valve adjustment? As far as I know, it's never been done on this bike.
  14. dij0674

    need some help with a strange issue - surging - dies when shifted when cold.

    I'm stumpped on this one. And it is a safety issue at this point. Here are the issues: When cold (<195) the bike dies when I shift into 1st. And the bike is surging a pissed off horse. The voltage seems to bounce around between 11 and 13 volts. Once the bike warms up it runs...
  15. N

    **Oversize Battery Mod** 340-CCA, *ULTIMATE* FIX for all hot / cold start problems!**

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something with ya'll... I had the notorious starting problems- So I went the usual route of replacing the battery with the oddysey 170cca, then I soldered the R/R wires, then the "crimp”, which I removed and re-soldered those wires, and various other connections...
  16. V

    Starter not able to rotate engine when fan is on

    My 2007 Vmax-1200 starts OK. Runs OK. The battery is unable to rotate the engine when hot and radiator fan is ON. The battery seems absolutely OK when bike is cold. Do I need to change the battery or is this a normal phenomena with Vmax-1200?
  17. jwood

    Hard Cold Starting with Carb Farts!

    I have been having a new issue that just started this riding season, when the bike is warm/hot no problems starting, when the bike is COLD from sitting a few hours to overnight, I put the choke on and my Odyssey battery turns the engine over at a great pace! the carbs (not sure which one(s)...
  18. Karmakatt

    cold weather tires

    Well I'm expectin deal with Sean for all kinds of goodies coming up soon. One of which is switching over to awesome rims and Radials. I've found in cold Canadian weather, at -5°c, my Bias Ply OEM slide around like a ball on ice at that temperature. With Radials w/good and larger rims will i...
  19. D

    Hard to start cold.

    Lately when starting for the first time over night the engine just cranks and cranks ans cranks and..............Zero pop, choke no help. If it even warm it instantly fires up. 2001, 6K. New plugs?
  20. R

    A little backfire when cold

    Started up the Max the other morning and I noticed it was backfiring a little with the choke on and I saw small flames inside my 4into one exhaust.Has this happened to anyone else here?.It goes away as soon as the bike warms up.:confused2: