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  1. Fire-medic

    Modern BSA 441 Victor concept

    Wo likes a 441 Victor? An update concept by Mahindra http://www.motorcycledaily.com/2016/12/oberdan-bezzi-imagines-a-new-bsa-produced-by-mahindra/ Call me a sucker, but I like the lines the color, and the concept. If they could keep the price realistic, and not ask premium $$$ I think it...
  2. rusty

    Ducati Concept

    Concept---> https://www.yahoo.com/autos/2016-ducati-draxter-one-lean-mean-birthday-gift-140037554.html:surprise:
  3. Fire-medic

    concept Yamaha 850 cc triple w-historical design cues

    I like it. The concept build features numerous parts by Roland Sands Designs, including the hand-fabricated aluminum gas tank, tail section, intake scoops, radiator covers, front number plate & front fender. There’s also a prototype Clarity timing cover, prototype rearsets, rear brake...
  4. Fire-medic

    unclear on the execution of the concept

    Just try and forget that!
  5. Fire-medic

    BMW inline 6-transverse mount touring concept

    An interesting take on what we like in the USA, according to Germany. I see Victory Vision and the Gold Wing derivative f6b Those as style inspirations, and this:
  6. Kronx

    Interesting Honda Concept...

    http://www.gizmag.com/honda-vultus-nm4-motorcycle/31522/pictures#1 Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, has announced a new motorcycle – the 750 cc NM4 Vultus – and it's a bold departure from tradition with anime/manga styling, a "fighter pilot" feet-forward riding position, an...
  7. Fire-medic

    It's a JEEP! (concept truck)

    JEEP Mighty FC Concept truck. The Mighty FC Concept is a rugged work truck based on the Forward Control Jeep trucks of the 1950s and 1960s. Designers started with a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon, repositioned the cabin over and ahead of the front axle, lengthened the wheelbase, and added a...
  8. bazwell

    Tiumph Bonnie concept bike. I like it!

    The forks are a bit out of sync with the bodywork, but overall I think it's nice. :biglaugh: http://www.bikeexif.com/triumph-bonneville-xenophya
  9. D

    Raspo Concept

    Take a look at the second VMax in this vid. They did a great job on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JWXRuOTXLw&feature=related
  10. satariel666

    Very intresting concept?

  11. Caleb_M

    Sweet concept bike!

    I want one! http://gizmodo.com/5607625/high+tech-2wd-ostoure-superbike-is-straight-out-of-skynets-garage It does look a lot like this one though. http://www.suzukicycles.org/Concept-Suzuki/Falcorustyco.shtml
  12. Diablotin

    headlight concept

    Since I had melted my previous one and went back to stock, I have been thinking what I could do to replace it. I didn't see anything which could fit what I like excepted few ones. After checking some pics of new bikes and some forum about projector retrofit, I decided to take a look at it...
  13. gleno

    Begging for an engine transplant

    You have to check this out. My first thought was how do I swap out the engine. I'd love to take one of these for spin with some serious power behind it. http://www.oneshift.com/forum/topic_details.php?fid=1&tid=7021&page_id=1&done=list_topics.php%3Ffid%3D1%26page_id%3D1
  14. Shuriken

    Honda V4 Concept..

    This site is really cool. I had no idea that Honda was messing with V4's for so long. It is shown that they had 80's model V4's making anywhere from 120-140hp. That's incredible.... http://www.honda-v4.eu/en/en/History It appears that all of their engines were cranking out serious HP. I...
  15. R

    concept+some photshop=wow

    found this on a french site...very well done...looks very finished. Hope the real one is as good.
  16. gleno

    Concept V-max Video 360 degree view

    Good visual of the concept bike from youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7J4bBjxGm0 I want one.
  17. clintard

    Yamaha Tesseract concept

  18. G Man

    Concept Bikes Page

    Interesting link found on another forum I frequent. It has a grouping of all manufacturers concept bikes on one page. Kinda interesting. http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/photos/prototype-spy-concept/index.htm#Suzuki G Man