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  1. W

    Super EZ elec. connector cleaner!

    Well, I've been going all over this thing, and many of the electrical conector plugs on my ol barn find have some green patina in/on them. I have found that hdw store, pump spray bottle A/C coil cleaner does an amazing job! leaves the pins, blades ect clean and bright even in the sleeves! I...
  2. N

    How do I wire up a 2008 R1 R/R? 3 wires + second connector..

    I heard of people swapping out the R/R for the R1 version.. I got the 2008 R1 R/R, but cant find and write ups on how to install it. I see it has 2 plugs- on the left plug it;s 3 wires of all the same color, and the other plug is a red and black wire. So adapting it to my 91' max', do I just...
  3. 1

    Pickup Coil Connector

    Hi all, As part of my Vmax's aim to drive me insane with numerous problems, it is now not starting. It turns over strongly no problem, but wont catch. There is definitely fuel and the coils are fine. I've tested the pickup coil and the resistance is fine (103.5 ohms with single orange/black...
  4. dannymax

    WTB VBoost connector

    I'm looking for the whole connector, male & female with 3" -4" of wire attached to both sides. Anybody got an old harness they wouldn't mind snipping this out of?
  5. D

    What connector is this

    Simple enough. I apparently forgot to connect this, but I don't see any male ends that would match... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  6. bikedave99

    Burnt Stator Connector... (pic)

    So I have my wiring all pulled out since I'm replacing my battery, and I notice the rectifier to stator plug looks a little gunky. So, I pull it apart to to clean it up.....: As you can see obviously one of the connectors got extremely hot and melted the plug. You Can see it melted a hole...
  7. J

    V-boost controller connector

    Hi, Do anyone know where from I can find/purchase a V-boost controller connector (cylinderical)? Do someone have a burned controller, where from the connector can be taken? /Jonas
  8. davidon

    Small/mini connector block sources?

    Trying to clean up some electrical stuff. Anyone know where to get those very small pin terminal connectors? (not reg size but small..for LED type wires)
  9. dingy

    Stator wiring connector replacement avaliable

    I have acquired a replacement for the plug in connector at the stator (generator, alternator, magneto etc.) These are a direct replacement for what is on the 1st gen bike from the factory. General recommendation is to eliminate this connection, I am aware of that. However, I prefer to have...

    Id this my fuel pump connector?

    While my carbs are out to Sean I was thinking about checking to see if my V-Boost is opening all the way. I am thinking about having it all time V-Boost so now with the carbs off would be a good time to check things. Is this my fuel pump connector? where the arrow points?
  11. D

    2 pin connector

    Where can i get the 2 pin connector for the COP mod. Got them off a gxsr 1000 would like to buy the right connectors. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. T

    Electrical connector cleaning

    Can someone give me any tips/suggestions for cleaning the connectors on my wireing harness? I want to run thru my harness to ensure I have good connections. Thanks Jim
  13. firefly

    FJR switch connector?

    I received my new FJR clutch master but the switch has 3 pins instead of the 2 for the stock, which ones do I connect? and where can I get the female connector? that goes in it? Thanks. ________ Blazer