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  1. 1986davester2010

    Bronze or brown engine side cover panel touch up paint

    I doubt it’s out there but has anyone found the correct paint or a close match anywhere for the bronze or brownish colored cover panels on the engines?my 2010 needs just some minor touch up done and I’m needing the paint.thanks in advance.
  2. F

    Official Brown Color

    Was wondering if anyone knew where to find the official brown color of the transmission, clutch, etc covers. I know most aren’t fans but I like being different and have thought about vinyl color matching the brown. Just wanted to know where to find official color of it.
  3. alex fernandez

    Heat Shield cover..???

    Hi there Im looking for a "heat shield cover"( I guess that's the name of that) that goes in between your legs for a 2001 Vmax,but I can't find it nowhere,If someone have any idea pls let me know ..maybe is un under a different name pls help,here is a picture of it (picture from a vmax of some...
  4. 93max

    Gen 1 bike cover size

    Going down to the OBX next week and like to cover my bike for the trip as it will be on an open trailer. Any info on what size to get and possibly make sure it stays on! LOL! Thanks
  5. texas-ss-tornado

    WTB 1st gen faux tank cover in black

    Looking for a 1st gen faux tank cover in GLOSS BLACK! Must be in great condition, no dents, dings or major scratches! :punk:
  6. S

    1989 air box cover, tank

    Hi: I need an 89 or so air box cover with readable emissions decal. Mine is fine, just no decals. I dont care, crushed, or what, I need the epa sticker. If someone has a good one, fine, I will pay what it takes, but the one I have is in good shape. I think any year from about 85 to mid 90's...
  7. The Beekeeper

    Gen 1 UFO clear clutch cover

    I purchaced a used engine off a wrecked Max a while ago, it had the UFO clear clutch cover and Barnett clutch assy, I will not be using these parts and am offering up everything for $200 + whatever shipping will be from West Mi, you are welcome to pick up in person if desired, cover is clean and...
  8. O

    Valve cover gasket source

    I've been searching this for an hour unsuccessfully. I need one for my 04 and can't locate a vendor. Could someone post a link? I tried Partzila and got frustrated with their website. Thanks. Jack
  9. G

    Removed fork cover on top, found some oil

    I removed the cap on top to check air pressure and noticed about 6-8 drops of oil pooled at bottom. 2006 V max. Anything to worry about? IF so, suggested repair. Have not changed fork oil since I owned bike (5 yrs). Is there a good thread (video for dummies would be nice) for doing this...
  10. S

    Tach cluster cover

    I seen awhile back someone had custom made tach instrument covers for sale, I am looking for them...thanks
  11. Eugene Brad

    Scoop inserts, intake covers, and radiator cover

    Wanted to see what kind of interest there may be for some trim pieces. I just took some older trim pieces (scoop inserts, intake cover, and a radiator cover to local shop to get a cad file made of profile and bolt layout. Artwork/ designs are tbd. The guy told me once he has the profile and...
  12. C

    1986 Rear fender cover

    Looking to find a nice "Rear Fender Cover" Yamaha part number 1FK-2163A-00-00 Mine is Badly corroded / scratched and I'd like to find a NICE one. I am aware they are available still from Yamaha but find it a bit pricey for such a small item Can someone who has a "parts bike" perhaps help...
  13. C

    Wanted left hand frame cover on yoke

    Wanted the plastic cover for the left hand side of the yoke which covers the cables
  14. C

    Plastic frame cover

    I am after the left hand plastic cover which hides the cables by the yoke below tank and above air intakes.In UK
  15. S

    Rider backrest/fuel tank cover

    Hi everybody, I just joined the forum. I bought a used 2006 V-Max and the rider backrest that flips forward to uncover the fuel cap is cracked. If anyone has one that they can part with, please send me a PM. I could also use the springs that attach it to the main seat - mine are bent (more...
  16. Lotsokids

    Valve Cover Gasket Change - Step By Step

    Step 1: Buy a rope Step 2: Hang yourself Actually, just pull the engine out. It might be easier. The inner cover bolts could only be accessed with an allen wrench. 1/4 turns at a time all the way out. Then the timing chain pulled the new gasket off when I tried to install the cover over...
  17. Lotsokids

    Hole in Clutch Cover From Rear Brake Lever - Repair Options?

    I recently bought V-Max #4 (in my lifetime). Last weekend I discovered some black sealant on the clutch cover just behind the rear brake lever. Apparently the bike had been down before on the right side punching a hole into the clutch cover with the brake lever. The cover itself is discontinued...
  18. Finnwick

    Looking for a Chain case cover

    that fits a 2005 Vmax (that's the end plate on the clutch cover). Used is fine as long as it's in decent shape. Part # 1FK-15418-10-00 / Send me a PM if available, thanks
  19. R

    fake tank cover

    looking to buy a good false tank cover for my 2005 anniversary model (dark Red metallic) V-Max. mine has a dent right where the star emblem is on the right side. Cant be fixed. I am looking for one that is in excellent condition. My bike is super clean and i would like to keep it that way. If...
  20. J

    neck cover

    anyone have a spare one to sell? 1FK-2171X-00-00 or both sides?