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  1. B

    vboost boot cracked

    Bike is running bad and was doing the starter fluid trick and found the vboost boot was torn. Rubber seems thin on them, can you squeeze them in without disassembling the vboost assembly?
  2. 9

    Cracked Crankcase. Now what?

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and the Vmax as well. I got a hold of an 85 Vmax with 24K miles that had been sitting for at least 6 years. I spent the last two months rebuilding the carbs, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and fuel system. I finally got it running again, and on the maiden...
  3. D

    Oil Drain Cracked

    Changed the oil today 2002 VMax to find this when reinstalling the plug. Didn't torc it hard. Had a small drip tightened a bit and felt stripped. Any suggestion for a easy fix?
  4. vmax1968

    Rear coils cracked

    I installed a new battery today and noticed both coils are cracked in the bottom side (~3 inches cracks). I checked the resistance in both coils and I am getting normal readings 13.58 secondary resistance, 3.2 primary resistance so I used Permatex hi-temp black silicone to fix the cracks...
  5. Mr. Max

    Cracked clutch cover?

    I changed my clutch discs during winter, now the bike has been sitting for a couple of weeks and I was looking for a oil leaks, it was a bit moist under the clutch cover but my clutch cover seems to be all cracked up?! My alternator cover was leaking last summer, I changed gaskets during winter...
  6. Sniper Predator

    Gas Cap Manual / Tutorial for Dry Rotted or Cracked Gas Cap Seals

    Want to replace your gas cap seal and not loose having one key for all locks? Well, now you can with this tutorial. My gas caps seal was cracked, so I originally started to see if I can just replace the gas cap seal, one thing led to another.... I figured out how to replace every piece down...
  7. 1967vmax

    Cracked coils

    My 02 vmax has 3 cracked coils seems to run great also noticed when i removed the nology wires to get repaired that the 1 coil was corroded pretty bad as well as the wire,Should i replace the cracked coils? JIM 3933
  8. vmaxcruzer

    Cracked intake boots.

    As some of you know I'm stripping my bike down pretty much to the frame this winter, I'm down to engine removal this weekend. I'm also a jet engine Mechanic so I know my way around a tool and a manual, with that said I think I take very good care of my bike, but when I removed the rubber boots...
  9. W

    Cracked Fuel Line(s)

    Friday's is bring your bike to work day for my company. For the past 6 years employees bring the bikes into the office and we all ride to Hooter's for lunch. Well yesterday there were only 2 of us and one co-work in a car. When I pulled into my parking spot I felt a sudden wetness on my ride...

    Hairline Cracked Coils

    How cracked does a coil have to be before you would recommend replacing it. When inspecting my coils I noticed a hairline crack in one that does not seem to go right through the casing but it is hard to tell. The ohm meter shows proper reading but I was having a sudden stall issue that seems...
  11. ssnsltd

    3 cracked coils- replacment options ?

    I did a search for "nology" and "coil replacement" sorry if I missed it. So I have three cracked coils, not bad- but not like they are self healing. the dealer price on the stock coils is higher than a set of nology coils. I know I read about another replacement here on the forum as well. I...
  12. C

    Cracked Coils?

    After a long, long, cold winter for the max parked out in the detached garage this winter, while replacing out the battery on the max, I notice both rear coils now have slight cracks to them. Did the "cold" temps this winter cause this or? Could it be that short 10 amp jump start I did with...
  13. one2dmax

    Cracked Case Last Night

    Well, been doing some tuning on the bike to get it up to par before the big races in two weeks. We had taken it to the dyno day in Topeka and with v-boost closed off and 162.5 main jets (and our jet kit) I was way rich and pulled 116 hp 84 torque. We changed the jets to 155's and opened the...
  14. markmax

    The French, This cracked me up.

    After Sponsoring a Ceasefire in Lebanon France Has Volunteered ... 200 troops! Here are some valid comments on that Brave Nation "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." --General George S. Patton ------------------------------...
  15. L

    Cracked Welds

    While doing some maintenance on my Max last night, I noticed that something that is really concerning me. On the frame front down tube on the left side there is a triangle plate. One side of this plate is for a motor mount and the other side has 2 bolts into the frame. The mounting holes for the...