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  1. CaptainKyle

    mario chrome diaphram covers --SOLD--

    Chrome diaphram covers done by Mario $ 115 shipped in the lower 48
  2. CaptainKyle

    Stainless allen head carb diaphram screws

    Stainless allen head diaphragm screws $ 10 a set plus pay pal fees shipping included in the lower 48 . Please email instead of PM [email protected]
  3. 1st Shirt Maxer

    LTB Carb diaphram covers, GEN 1

    I need 2 carb diaphram covers for an 01 vMax. If you have found some or have some let me know.
  4. texmax

    Spare diaphram cover screws

    Have enough of these left over to do 4 bikes. 100 was the min. purchase. Installed on my bike and sent 1 set out already. If you like black, here they are FREE. And they engage all the threads on the carb, unlike the ones I removed. Just PM your address and I'll send them.
  5. C

    slide diaphram assembly in pieces? ?

    Hey guys I just was just starting to take my cards apart and when I took my diaphragm cover off the spring came out and the diaphragm was in pieces. The the boot was not attached to the slide. Boot is still intact no tears or rips. Anyone know if there is anyway to fix this or is it supposed to...
  6. daves86vmax

    help...need a carb diaphram

    does anyone have an extra carb diaphram lying around they could part with for a fair price? thanks..Dave C.
  7. M

    Fuel pump Diaphram

    :bang head:I jsut pulled my fuel pump apart for the 2nd time in 6 mo. and the small center diaphram has came out again. Yes its a easy fix, does anyone have a more permanent fix without replacing the fuel pump? thankyou for yor timea and coments, MadV-Max. :bang head:
  8. N

    diaphram clutch spring 09 vmax

    hi wanted to know if anyone has tried running 3 off the clutch diaphram springs in the 09 genII vmax? thinking off giving this a try sense no lockup clutch is available for the new vmax i'am running the barnnetT kavlar clutch plates and 2 springs now with a 70 shot off nitrous GARY...
  9. odieoh24

    stage 7 carbs, hmf, and clear diaphram covers

    here are a few pics of the last of this years mods. hybrid stage 7 carbs with the clear diaphram covers-show polished (from jai at motoboutique, rebuilt by joe at boxenstopp), and the hmf 4-2 exhaust (courtesy of ny1max). this thing flys now. if the weather holds up i'll try to get to the dyno...
  10. shawn kloker

    diaphram covers

    I was looking today at the yamaha site. They do not offer a part # for the diaphram covers.Whats up with that?I have never saw any for sale on ebay either.I was thinking about watching for a set of venture covers.They are not for sale too.
  11. D

    Why did I get extra diaphram springs?

    After not riding for about 15 years, I just bought a 2000 Vmax with a Stage One jet kit and a UFO 4-2 Canister exhaust setup. I was given the stock parts and with them I received 4 - 6" long springs that I determined are diaphram springs. Why would I get extras? Are these changed as part of a...
  12. Robbarrie

    Diaphram clucking noise

    Sort of dumb question but I have to ask it... Just wondering if anybody else hears this sound. Upon startup when I'm waiting for the bike to warm up I hear this clucking sound coming from what I think are the diaphrams but it only seems to be on the back brake side of the bike. I know my...
  13. Robbarrie

    Carb - Diaphram

    When I bought the bike I had to do the shotgun procedure because it was missing a little. Anyway I noticed that I have one of the diaphrams starting to rip/tear around the edge where the cover seats. If anyone knows where I may find one or two of them please let me know. Thanks Rob