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  1. T

    Trouble shoot this video. Direction needed I havr been avoiding taking the carb off compleatly bc im scared of syncing the carbs but im at the point where i think its time please any advice is welcome. Symptoms: Was running fine on road but would sputter and or die when...
  2. G

    Need Direction

    I have a 1991 V-Max, I had not started it for about 2 years. It will start with the choke on, and idle on it's own. But it will not run with the choke off, and you can not give it additional throttle. Fuel is coming out the outlet of the fuel pump, I assume it is not under pressure, and that it...
  3. wildweasel_pt

    drive shaft rotating direction

    Hi all I can't recall so can anyone tell me the direction it rotates if seen from behind the bike please? Im almost sure its clockwise but im having a blank and need some other dudes input on this... Thanks
  4. G

    Need some help and direction...

    Well fellers, it happened. The incident that all motorcyclists encounter in some shape form or fashion... Had an oblivious driver turn left in front of me on Friday night. Lucky me, I was on my game and barely evaded the car, but instead found myself skidding across the side of the main drag...
  5. midmoraider

    Valve cover direction

    Hey all, I adjusted my valves today because I had two leaking valve cover gaskets and figured what the hell. Everybody wasn't joking, this job SUCKED. Anyway, got it all done and am ready to put everything back together. Problem is, I didn't pay alot of attention to the orientation of the...
  6. D

    Front wheel direction?

    .....stripped bearings out of front wheel and sent it for powdercoating, got it back and can't remember which is the speedo drive side! Appreciate any help, cheers, David
  7. bigrubbers4x4

    i think i got my direction now

    ok after some of you guys answered my questions in another thread i think i figured out what steps i am going to take with the max. what i have done to it so far, OEM windshield, starfighter seat (coming), slightly modified stock exhaust, crash bars with forward pegs, sissy bar and stock grab...

    OK Guys I give up.. going in a different direction

    I started a new thread because I am going in a different direction with this project. I've had all I can with this bike so I am taking the carbs off and will work on them hopefully with the help of you guys. To help you understand what I have gone through with this bike, May 2009 bought it...
  9. R

    Driveshaft rotation direction!

    Hey guys... new member here. We are looking at purchasing a VMax motor and are wondering: When looking at the bike from the rear - which was does the driveshaft rotate? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Thanks very much!
  10. firefly

    Even harley is going in this direction

    Harley vbike prototype rumor ________ website host