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  1. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors

    *SOLD*Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors *SOLD* Listed these parts last year but was a noob to this site and didnt know I had p.m.'s. Sry to anyone who was interested and got no response. Selling the whole set-up for $150, buyer pays shipping. May entertain reasonable...
  2. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets, rotors

    Wanted to do the R1 brake conversion and a maxer on the VMOA site was kind enough to help this noob out... Unfortunately, the conversion brackets and the rotors he sold me and the gold dot calipers I bought will work on 93+ Vmax. I have a 1990. Want to sell or trade. Gold dot calipers...
  3. BorgBiker

    R1 Calipers (Gold Dot) -SOLD-

    Hey all, I recently I upgraded my front brakes to the Sumitumo 6-pots from Sean Morley. I now have a set of Yamaha R1 gold dot brake calipers up for sale. They come with the Galfer HH pads, which only have around 5000 miles on them, you should be able to get considerably more than that out of...
  4. Maxorel

    FZ1 front calipers- silver dot, will they fit a 2002?

    I searched- assuming I'm dumb, I did not find a relative thread comparing FZ1 silver dot calipers to early R1 calipers. Anyone use the FZ calipers up FRONT on a 93^ Max? I have a 2002 and found a set of super clean and super cheap silver dots I want to get- but are the mounting holes the...
  5. jagco1

    Brake fluid Dot 5

    I found this on brake fluid dot 5 price for 32oz is $13.85 the lowest price I could find. Sometimes I have to bleed the brakes and clutch at master cylinder man some link on the scoops through rag and man lift a drip run off like in the paint had to buff it out. So I have been using...
  6. jims94vmx

    dot 5 vs dot 5.1

    Is it a bad idea to use dot 5? I had dot 5.1 in the system already and while running around stopped at an autozone and all they had was the 5.0 Using for clutch if that matters? Thanks.....Jim
  7. D

    Gold dot rear?

    So I have gold dots on t he front. Does the matching rear work as a direct bolt-on?
  8. W

    Gold Dot Brakes

    Last summer I bought an 85 Vmax with a Yamaha R1 front end already mounted. I am very disappointed with the braking performance, the gold dot calipers. I am not sure if the brakes are generally not great performing brakes, or if mine are the exception. I would like to have excellent brakes so...
  9. W

    Blue Dot calipers

    Do the blue dots screw out and could be replaced with black,gold,or silver? I was wondering if aftermarket sold something like that? I dont really like the way the blue looks on my bike. I like the performance though.
  10. A

    Balancing and the red dot

    Hey guys, what the heck does the red dot on the tire represent..Its it the heaviest side of the tire or the lightest. Reason I'm asking is that I just had my Metzlers mounted today and both the front and rear wheel have the dot mounted right by the valve stem but when they balanced them , they...
  11. firefly

    Any preferance in DOT 3-4 brands for brakes?

    I've been using Velvoline synthetic formula ABS on it, I usually flush the brakes and clutch ~ every 6 months ( for my severe street usage). Any better brands ? or preference? Thanks ________ roor bongs
  12. firefly

    Brake fluid DOT 3-4 vs DOT 5

    More than you ever wanted to know about brake fluid.... Brake fluid facts By Steve Wall As a former materials engineering supervisor at a major automotive brake system supplier, I feel both qualified and obligated to inject some material science facts into the murky debate about DOT 5...