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  1. Regular Guy

    Battery draining right before my eyes

    Hi guys, have any of you ever seen a battery drain as soon as you take the tender off of it? The reason I ask is that I am having some sort of issue going on where I HAVE to leave the bike on a battery tender. Today I pulled the tender off and measured volts at 14.3 after it sat for a few...
  2. Bill Seward


    About a couple weeks ago, I was out just as it was getting dark, walking Ricky, the Wonder Dog. Suddenly, I started seeing these fast moving black shadows darting around the edge of my field of vision. They would appear when I moved my eyes from right to left, and were only visible when I was in...
  3. SpecOps13

    Hillery in the Eyes of a Young Woman

    You may not like it but somebody's gotta call it: https://www.youtube.com/embed/oI08BKgT8MI
  4. M

    I need your eyes

    I've been out of the Vmax loop since 01. My last holeshot was a 4 into 1. The new set up is 4 into 2 naturally.... are these slip ons or a full exhaust? Can an eagle eye tell?
  5. Jayhawk

    Coprunner, keep your eyes on your mirrors...

  6. Buster Hymen

    Type of women attracted to Ferraris? NSF eyes!

    This type, apparently!! :barf: