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  1. 9

    2018 HD Fat Bob

    I guess HD was getting tired of being shamed by the VMax and decided if you can't beat'em, join em. Although they have maintained the stupid flying C riding position through the use of forward controls.
  2. HyperPete

    Mounting a 200/50R18 rear tire on a Gen1

    I bought some new rims with tires. The front is a 130/60R18 and the rear is a 200/50R18. John Furbur told me that they'll bolt right on with minimal modification. Here's a thread to show the progress as I try to get things right. First, the rims and tires. I think they look pretty nice...
  3. S

    Fat max from Russia project

    Hello! I'm Nick, live in Russia. My speciality is metal work. I make mold and dye forms. And as a hobby a make different custom motorcycle parts. Here, you can look photos of my projects in my page here: http://photo.qip.ru/users/shishkinnick/ I'll crosspost some pics of Vmax we are...
  4. jbretthorton

    Fat Max!!

    Just ordered my Fat Max Belly Pan (the large one)!!! whoo hoo! Will get it painted and installed and take some pictures!!
  5. jedi-

    Don't call him fat

    Don't piss him off lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNIcbiqldtA&feature=rec-fresh+div-r-6-HM
  6. joelyons50023

    Too fat with 145mj

    even with a 145 mj I am at 11.2 I am gonna try a 140 but I was also wondering if mabie removing the main air jet correctors that the stg. 7 kit came with would help and also how to remove them now. also I do believe that i am having some reversion that is not helping with the filters off i am...
  7. V

    trimming the fat

    Looking for ideas to lighten my vmax...
  8. R

    Who has experiance with FatMax fat tire setup?

    Im almost all done a modified set up using the swing arm from FATMAX...and wanted to see who has used one already to ask a few questions....

    Fat Lady + dirbike = wipeout!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ccH1_wrSJc:rofl_200: I shouldn't be laughing at this but JEEZ! What was this lady thinking!
  10. vmax190

    fat max fender and belly pan

    does anybody have either one of these on their max? i'm picking both of these up from the body shop saturday, just curious to see what they will look like. dave
  11. R

    FAT TIRE vmax pic

  12. joelyons50023

    little fat at wot lean at cruise

    I need some help with tis guys i am running stg 7 with 165 mj and kerker 4-2-1 with modified baffle and running it on the dyno. at wot dips to 9 at around 4500 and then clears up to 11 at 6000 but when crusing she runs way lean. has the 190 air jet and needle is shimmed all of the way down...
  13. Heretic

    Fat in the middle

    I have a 2003 Canuck model with the adjustable needles. I had it dyno'ed this weekend and am coming up real rich from 4200-5600RPM. Its off the charts (below 10:1). I have the c-clips for the needles adjusted to the last, most lean slot. Are there thicker needles that I can put in to tune this...
  14. D

    who makes body kits and fat tire kits for vmax?

    Guys I am looking to get a vmax but dont like the way they look and would like to know if there are any body kits and fat tire kits available for them..do u guys know where I can find them?
  15. Maximum

    Fat Max Bags?

    Help me out, guys. I want to add utility into the mix of fun with my Max. I've been looking at FatMax hard bags. Easy (they say) to put on/take off. Do any of you have experience with them? Does the relocation of the tail lights look dippy when the bags are off the bike? I just sold my V-Star...