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  1. M

    Fender eliminator option advice

    So, I purchased an 09 and it came with a fender eliminator on it with only the brake and driving lights. No license nor turn signal lights. Was thinking about this one on Ebay...
  2. P

    CBR tail light and inner fender.

    Went a different direction. Light is brand new and inner fender is already cut (so you don’t have to cut your original). $65 shipped to cont us.
  3. C

    1986 Rear fender cover

    Looking to find a nice "Rear Fender Cover" Yamaha part number 1FK-2163A-00-00 Mine is Badly corroded / scratched and I'd like to find a NICE one. I am aware they are available still from Yamaha but find it a bit pricey for such a small item Can someone who has a "parts bike" perhaps help...
  4. P

    Plastic under rear fender

    Looking for the plastic piece that fits under the fender that the tag frame attaches to. Shipped to Florida
  5. J

    Need Front Fender

    I'm looking for a front fender, for 85-07, any color with no cracks, must have original paint still on it. Thanks, Jim
  6. TN_Max

    Rear Fender Delete

    I'd like to get rid of the rear fender overhang and get the tag up where it looks better, how is this done...a kit, bag of misc parts? Thanks!

    96 vmax rear fender removal....anyone ?

    so i found these 3 bolts center left and right and a few underneath the fender for what i would call wiring chase or pre fender. surely this cant be all their is to removing the rear fender, dam i hope im right. If you know , let me know. esp if theres a how to or sticky...thanks. trying...
  8. BorgBiker

    2002 Carbon Fiber Look Tank/airbox Cover and fender -SOLD-

    I'm selling some Vmax stuff that's taking up space in the garage. I'm selling this ALMOST perfect 2002 Vmax "Faux Tank"/ airbox cover in Carbon Fiber look. I replaced it with Exactrep's real CF piece and no longer need it. It is is good shape, no dents, only one small and one tiny ding (see...
  9. M

    ISO Very cheap possibly damaged rear fender?!

    Looking for a very cheap rear fender to try and cut up/modify. Not worried about paint or anything like that. Thanks
  10. Specs95t

    Looking for tips and ideas on a front fender

    Hi guys, I am following up on my post about my VMax being run over by a 4900 lb ML35 SUV (yes with me on it...). The good news is all is well with me and most of my VMax. Got some insurance money and the mod monkey is securely perched on my back... First thing I need is a front...
  11. ColoNat

    ISO Front Fender - Carbon Fiber

    2001 in need of a correct front fender. Let me know what you have, pics please. thanks!
  12. ColoNat

    WTB / ISO Front Fender - Carbon Fiber

    2001 in need of a carbon fiber front fender in good condition. Let me know what you have and pics, please.

    A Question about removing the rear fender

    I know where the bolts are that hold the rear fender on but I'm not quite sure about the bottom and how I disconnect the plastic liner of the fender. I dropped something down inside the fender well and need to take it apart to get it and I'd also like to learn how to disassemble the rear...
  14. V-Four

    Bolt Size for Front fender?

    Hey Gang, Another quick (and random) question: Can anyone please tell me the exact bolt size for the bolts that hold the front fender on? (including length). (and the reason-if anyone cares): I am finally putting "spacers" on to lower my front fender due to my smaller front tire...

    Before and after with no rear fender kit

    Does anyone happen to have some nice images that you took with your Vmax with rear fender and no rear fender kit. Doesn't have to be your Vmax I would just like to see some good images so I can make up my mind.
  16. bkuberek

    Gen I fender eliminator kit

    Hello, tried searching for it but had no success. Can anybody recommend rear fender eliminator kits for a 1991 vmax? Thanks
  17. 9

    Rear fender metal plate holder

    Hi, I am looking for the metal part of the rear subfender that the license plate mounts to. Thanks, Kevin
  18. C

    Looking for rear/front fender + faux tank on a budget

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a front fender, rear fender, and tank cover. Condition and color is of no concern, bumps scrapes scratches and dents are "A-OK" :thumbs up: I don't need the rear inner fender, just the bare rear fender. Looking for some El cheapo's to practice a paint job on...
  19. vmax2extreme

    VMAX GEN1 Rear Fender

    VMAX GEN1 Rear Fender $100 SHIPPED CONUS
  20. retrostude

    01 carbon look rear fender wanted

    I would like to find a carbon-look rear fender in good condition to replace the one on my 01, which is very ratty. Thanks- John D