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  1. ImCannibal

    Stock '93 rear wheel

    Bone stock '93 rear wheel, has a half worn tire on it. I don't need it anymore due to selling my max. Whoever wants it, its yours, just pay for the shipping and packaging. Pictures in the attachments.
  2. K

    Free swingarm with purchase....

    ....of rear differential or free differential with purchase of swingarm! It's a heavy bastard so shipping is a bear but I'll let it go for $150 SHIPPED. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mundmc

    Stock seat free pickup NYC

    Hey, Anybody want the stock seat off my Gen 1? I have too much going on to box it, ship it, and negotiate a sale right now. It may be missing a bolt or two. Brooklyn pickup near Manhattan. Free. Preference given to forum members who have been helpful/ cut deals to me before. Sent from my...
  4. Bill Seward

    Set of stock shocks for 85. Free.

    If ya need a set, you can get these for the cost of shipping. They're original to the 85, not pretty, but they'll clean up ok. Lotsa miles on them, too. I've got a set of the rear pegs for the 85, too. They will come with the shocks, again free.
  5. N

    Motor free spin

    Hi guys, went for a ride on the weekend and noticed on most occasions when the Vboost kicked in I was getting a free spinning in the gearbox(?) rather then getting the power to the wheel. First thought was clutch slipping though I thought I'd run it past the experts... any other possible...
  6. Traumahawk

    P.C. insanity: Cornell to offer free tampons to men ... yes, men!

    (NaturalNews) The political Left has so permeated American institutions with poisonous ideology and political correctness that we really have gone off the proverbial deep end, especially on our campuses of (alleged) higher learning. As noted by The College Fix, so-called "human rights" now...
  7. vmax2extreme

    FREE GEN1/GEN2 Manuals Compliments of VMOA: I have published both GEN1 & GEN 2 Yamaha Parts & Service Manuals for EVERYONE to view. Follow the link and you can get your free copies of these PDF's. Enjoy...
  8. vmax2extreme

    FREE - GEN1 / GEN2 Manuals Online :punk: Compliments of VMOA: I have published both GEN1 & GEN 2 Yamaha Parts & Service Manuals for EVERYONE to view. Follow the link and you can get your free copies of these PDF's. Enjoy...:clapping:
  9. N

    Stock fork springs *FREE NINETY NINE*

    As the title states I am offering a set of stock fork springs from a 2002 43mm forked max. About 7,000 miles on them. Comes in a super fancy RaceTech box! Taker pays shipping
  10. P

    Free - Black Superbike Bar

    I purchased this from Sean Morley, but unfortunately it arrived at my door with some chips in the powdercoating which will be in visible areas once installed. Since Sean is such an awesome guy, he was kind enough to ship me a replacement bar. So I'm offering this one up for free, you just have...
  11. rusty

    Reservoir Covers free

    Here we go again, I have a nice set of reservoir covers I'm giving away. Free shipping to USA. :thumbs up: First person gets them!!
  12. bikedave99

    OEM Taillight - Free + Shipping

    OEM Taillight. Free plus shipping.
  13. bikedave99

    Centerstand H/W - Free + Shipping

    I think this is all center stand h/w. Just pay shipping.
  14. vmax2extreme

    Thunder free gift cards!!!

    ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I have your attention, ALL VMOA Thunder Event attendees will receive a FREE $10 gift card from one of our sponsors...
  15. vmax1968

    Free On-Line Screening Of Why We Ride

    Sharing the passion :punk: Free On-Line Screening Of Why We Ride
  16. C

    Free to good home: 2003 Vmax

    I had a fire at my house the evening of April 11th and it burned up my 3 bikes. A 2000 Ace Tourer, a 2002 VTX1800, and a 2003 Vmax. The Ace Tourer and the Vmax got the worst of it and the Vmax got the worst of it of those 2. Prior to the fire all of my bikes looked like brand new because, well...
  17. K

    Front Wheel "free" spin

    Just tinkering around waiting for fork seals to come in when I decided I would ask a few questions. When I was riding last year, I noticed that I could hear a rubbing sound while riding. It was coming from the front and got louder when going fast and quieter slower. I'm not sure if it is the...
  18. Traumahawk

    Berkeley Dispensaries to Provide Free Marijuana to Low-Income Members

    Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley will likely soon be required to provide free pot to low-income members and homeless people, according to an ordinance approved by the city council on Tuesday. The city is also looking to approve a fourth dispensary, raising the current limit of three...
  19. timscues

    K-N Air Filter almost free

    I have a K-N oval air filter if someone wants it just cover the freight and paypal $15
  20. davidon

    Free German Vmax club T-shirt size M

    Got a large T-shirt a few years ago..only worn a few times but it fits like a medium and is too tight for me. First to contact and send me a SASE gets it.