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  1. bipick

    2007 fz1

    I have a very clean 2007 FZ1 for sale. Bike has been very well maintained and cared for. Has new tires, mirrors, LED turn signals, wheel stripes, bar risers and matching red front rotor. bike has never been down. no dents or cracks in plastic. Im the second owner. 12,000 miles call or text...
  2. redneksoldier

    Fz1 starter clutch

    Anybody have any experience working on one of these? A friends of mine just bought one that had a bad stator, regulator and rotor. Somebody had already worked on it previously and I'm pretty sure that they swapped the two washers in the attached drawing. #3 and #9 are different thickness and OD...
  3. E

    Mint Low milage Yamaha FZ1 Retro edition, rare

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/mcy/6233463414.html Bike is Really clean if anyone's interested
  4. Maxorel

    FZ1 front calipers- silver dot, will they fit a 2002?

    I searched- assuming I'm dumb, I did not find a relative thread comparing FZ1 silver dot calipers to early R1 calipers. Anyone use the FZ calipers up FRONT on a 93^ Max? I have a 2002 and found a set of super clean and super cheap silver dots I want to get- but are the mounting holes the...
  5. B

    FZ1 rotor and caliper modification

    I am in the process of adapting the FZ1 2000-2005 caliper (blue dot) and the 267 rear rotor to my max and I think I have a inexpensive solution. The caliper on the Fz1 is underslung which I like so it would require a post to be welded on the underside of the swing arm. (I had previously welded...
  6. 2stangs69-91

    mod monkey still alive at my house FZ1

    Even with the Vmax gone mod monkey must have been hiding in garage..lol. Full exhaust system later, Power Comander and Ign module. Stainless brake lines some paint work...stinking little monkey..
  7. Sonoran6

    FZ1 or Z1000?

    been looking at these 2, financing is pretty easy, payments wont be too much. as far as looks go, i like the z1000. but i kinda want to get another yamaha and the new r6 and r1 look kinda weird to me. any advice or input?
  8. T

    I got to ride an FZ1

    Hi Guys, Someone is selling an FZ1 on craigslist 30 miles from my house and I decided I wanted to check it out. I showed up on my vmax, talked to the owner for a few minutes and then we did a bike swap. I gotta tell ya, the FZ1 is a very nice bike. It was a 2003 in almost mint condition with...

    Sold my FZ1 and got....

    A 2006 Kawasaki ZX14 Ninja! It's passion red has 15K on the odo and comes with many extra's like: Front/Rear sprocket and speedo healer Rear fender delete GPR stabilizer Heli Bar Risers Got the bike for 5500! Picking her up next friday! Here is a pic of the color I got....The second pic...
  10. coffee_brake

    FZ1 Front End?

    Have a line on a wrecked bike, FZ1 from about 2006, this one was thrown sideways onto a fire hydrant :ummm: , big 'ole hole in the right case but the front end is straight. Will it work on the Vmax? This, after all the hullabaloo with the Progressives....
  11. MDoe8

    New to the site, getting rid of the fz1 for a vmax!

    Hey all. I'm a newb on this site and am new to VMax's as a whole. I'm looking to get rid of the FZ1 and pick up a local vmax for sale. It's got a plethra of modifications to it and after a test ride, I was addicted to the sound alone! Anywho, just saying hi. Looking forward to actually...
  12. Heretic

    Almost bought a 2008 FZ1

    I stopped by a small family owned Yamaha dealer in Bellevue, NE (small town south of Omaha) today to see what they had available. On the floor they had a red 2008 FZ1 with the gold wheels and forks. 0 miles, they don't test ride them until they have a buyer. They only wanted $8400, and I made...
  13. V

    Vmax vs Fz1

    :ummm:I currently own a '99 Vmax and my buddy owns an '06 Yamaha Fz1. We have never tried drag racing the two bikes (and probably never will) but his bike seems to be pretty quick. Curious as to which bike would win in a race if anybody knows.
  14. firefly

    Test riding the FZ1 at the dealer

    I took the FZ1 for a test ride at the dealer , did not like it at all,the max feels much stronger and comfortable though the dealer thinks it is much better than the max I don't think so,sitting on the bike it just feels hollow in front with too much empty space between the nose and steering...