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  1. S

    Is this a good lift point for the bike?

    I've got a craftsman jack I think will work if I put about 4" of support in the circled area. I don't think lifting from the back of the motor will get the front end up so I also need to know if I can also lift from a bit further forward, directly underneath the oil pan.
  2. vmf1200

    Stator no good

    I started a thread about purchasing an AGM battery because my battery was not holding a charge which I received and put in the bike and it starts nice and easy now. But,,,,, I measured the voltage output to the battery and I was only getting 12.0-13.0 volts when before I was getting 14.5 so now...
  3. Bane_65

    Good price for 2018

    i currently have a 2009 Raider trying to trade for 2018 Vmax the best the dealer will give is 81.00 dollars off of list that seems to be really crappy deal
  4. Conman

    Good Non-OEM (Cheap) Starter Clutch?

    Well I’m getting that starting noise that signifies the starter clutch is on its way out... Anyone have positive experiences with a cheaper option than OEM? Also, how do these typically fail? Will the bike just not start one day? Or is this doing damage? Thanks, Connor
  5. TheMeanSupreme

    '90 Vmax. Runs good but needs love. $2000obo

    I have a '90 with about 42k on it. Stock except for a Corbin seat. I have the stock pipes (great condition) but right now it's wearing a pair of empty cans. Sounds great but it's LOUD! Comes with these parts (not on bike): pair of gold dot front caliper and front disks to go with them. Adapter...
  6. T

    What's a good engine stand???

    All, I have my engine prepped and am about to remove it from my 85' for transmission problems and am trying to figure out the easiest way to work on it. Is there a good stand out there for mounting the engine that you guys have used? Right now I'm going to work it on the floor until I split...
  7. RaWarrior

    Good deal on a '95- Austin

    Not mine, but thought someone might be interested
  8. CaptainKyle

    good 85 engine

    Please email not pm [email protected] 1985 Engine 22,000 miles runs & shifts perfect . I have videos of it running. I can paint it & make it look nice for extra cost. I just rode the bike yesterday 2-27-18 $ 800 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  9. C

    Looks like someone got a good deal
  10. T

    What's a good price for a 2009?

    Hi all, I'm new to the VMax scene although I've been riding bikes for years. Recently purchased a 2009 VMax with 37,000 miles and I'm wondering if I got it for a good price or not. I'm attaching a picture of the bike. Mods list: - powder coated black over 150 parts - stock cans are ceramic...
  11. H

    v max running good

    at last ive sorted the running rich issues ive had the carbs apart 4 times but even when cleaning them and being careful putting them back togeather it still ran rich i kept cleaning blowing with air measuring float heights and till finally got there i know its a pain to keep pulling them apart...
  12. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  13. Fire-medic

    robber injured, his mom wants to sue the Good Samaritan fighting the robber

    Starbucks robber stabbed w/his own knife, by a customer. The robber had a gun too, but it's a fake. Who wants to sit on this jury...
  14. F

    85 V-Max sounds- not the good kind...

    Started hearing a metallic rubbing sound from engine. Like something rubbing against a case cover or ?. Thought it may be the water pump but the noise is coming from the other side. Does not knock when started but after running a few minutes starts low and gets louder as it runs. If I blip the...
  15. V

    Looking for "good " Vmax mechanic

    Anyone know of a really good Vmax mechanic in the Sacramento, CA area or within a 100 miles or so. Need a crank replaced. Thanks [email protected]
  16. Kronx

    Indian Scout Bobber. Lookin' Pretty Good

    I tried a Scout and it was too small of a bike for me, but I sure do like the look of them. And I think these new ones look pretty spiffy too.

    Could a good fabricator make a mod for a center stand for Gen 2

    I was wondering with the things that people can make nowadays with plasma cutters just good old welders and knowledge, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a center stand made for a Gen 2. Every Gen 1 I had I used them religiously and I love them. At first it took a little bit to...
  18. dannymax

    I always loved a good western.....

    Today is a good day

    I took the cover off my Vmax, disconnected the Battery Tender Jr. and slide it out to the middle of my garage on the new improved motorcycle dolly I bought last summer. I wheeled the Vmax off the dolly and put one of my rear wheel stands on, now it sits waiting until tomorrow to get a good...
  20. Bill Seward

    A big thank you to a good guy!

    This goes out to my friend Jon, AKA blaxmax. Over the last few months, he has become a friend. I've had a few problems with the Max, and he very kindly sent me parts to diagnose/fix the problem on more than one occasion. For free, because that's what friends do. I know there were personality...